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It is always great to be able to welcome a new member to the volunteering team, and even greater when they bring energy and enthusiasm and offer the significant amount of time that the editor of this brand new News blog has done in his first few months with us. Philip actually volunteered on the Railway many years ago when still a student and, although now living in Buckinghamshire has always retained a link to the area through his family and passion for Huddersfield Town (the football club rather than the former LNER locomotive 61653 of the same name!). He has always wanted to stay connected to the Railway, but yearned to find out more about what is going on at the KWVR to retain that connection. Rather than just complain about the apparent lack of news and information, and appreciating the pressure that the volunteers are already under maintaining and operating the Railway to the high standard we do, he stepped forward with a proposal to write and edit a members’ e-mail newsletter.

I welcomed his plan with open arms, because we have wanted for a long time a means to communicate with our members and supporters much more immediately than the quarterly Railway journal, Push & Pull, allows. The project progressed rapidly from being an e-mail-based publication to being this on-line News blog we are now formally releasing. So today we are launching what I hope you will agree is the fantastic result of Philip’s efforts, which provides a great complement to Push & Pull.

In the relatively short time since his offer was accepted, Philip has managed to draw together a number of fascinating articles published on the internet, including photographs and videos, as well as capture all of the most up-to-date news and goings-on at the Railway, including news from behind-the-scenes and about special events and the recent filming undertaken at Keighley. It’s great now to have somewhere we can share news of City of Wells’ first move under its own power for decades (and you now have somewhere you can keep up to date with the final stages of the restoration). It also provides a great source for news that will feed into the soon-to-be-released new www.kwvr.co.uk that will continue to be the Railway’s website address, complemented by this news blog. We also continue to have an active Twitter feed @WorthValley and a Railway Facebook page, both of which attract significant interest.

I do hope you will join me in thanking Philip for all his hard work to get the site up and running, and I very much hope that you will all contribute articles, comments, photos and videos of the Railway through the News blog. As ever, do let me have any comments on this project or the Railway more generally. This you can now do by commenting on this page or getting in touch with me by email. I look forward to watching the news blog develop further and to being able to share up-to-the-minute news in a way we have never managed to before.

Matt Stroh
Chairman, Keighley & Worth Valley Railway

Welcome to News@KWVR


As Editor of this News blog, I would like to add my welcome to the site and hope you will gain as much pleasure from viewing the articles, photographs and videos as we have in gathering the material and publishing it out into the wider Keighley and Worth Valley Railway community. We aim to give the general public, members and enthusiasts alike, regular news updates about what is happening inside the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway.

I have been involved now for over three months and having toured the Railway and met many members of staff that make this Railway the wonderful experience we all enjoy, it has made me realise the full extent of the work being undertaken day in and day out, and has reinforced my belief that this work gone on under reported, and probably under appreciated, for far too long. Unlike the printed word, limited by page size, book layouts and printing deadlines weeks ahead, a web based news and magazine service can bring the news almost as it happens and illustrate the best in digital photography and video, to bring home to everyone who holds the Railway to its heart, the real story of what goes on inside the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway day by day.

However we cannot do this without your help. From within the Railway we are calling on already hard pressed staff to tell their story and, from both inside and outside the Railway, call on photographers and those recording the action on video to submit their work to showcase the best of what is being recorded up and down the Valley and in the workshops.

Guide to the News blog

  • Each news article is referred to in this virtual world as a Post.
  • Every Post is recorded in date order of publishing and appears on the News Update tab.
  • Each Post has assigned to it at least one Category which groups related stories. Selecting a Category will pull together and display all the stories that relate to this specified Category. For example, if you wish to see the all the stories relating to Keighley Station, select the Keighley Category and so on. Alternatively the Posts also appear under their respective tabs. The choice is yours.
  • Please comment about the site itself or any of the Posts you see, we welcome your feedback. All Comments are moderated so may not appear for a little while. To make a comment either write in the box, where this is available, or click on the speech bubble next to each Post.
  • You can Follow the News blog by completing your e-mail address on the top right hand side and click on Follow. You will receive an e-mail notification each time a new Post is posted.

We look forward to hearing from you all and thank you for taking the time to read all the news about the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway.

Philip Lawton
Editor, News@KWVR

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2014 Vintage Trains


6 comments on “Welcome to the New KWVR News Blog – ‘News@KWVR’ – Dr. Matthew Stroh, Chairman, Keighley and Worth Valley Railway

  1. i meant this is a great site now we will know what news & what locos are running at the worth kwvr

    • That is the aim, David. Hopefully (fingers crossed) no-one will have to ask what engine is running on the coming weekend, it will be in the News@KWVR

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