One out, one in for Diesel Railbuses

The contract repairs to diesel railbus M79964 have been completed by the Vintage Carriages Trust. As a result E79962, having had the remains of the asbestos removed at Haworth as per our previous report, has taken it’s place at the VCT for a full restoration to original condition.

As the photographs show no. ’62 is in a sorry state but, as VCT restorations of other rolling stock illustrates, once completed this old railbus will look as good as the day it left its German maker, probably better.


Photos: KWVR Diesel Railcar Group

Diesel Railbus E79962 to be restored

Most weekends diesel railbus M79964 can be seen providing the morning services between Oxenhope and Keighley. Indeed it has become as much a part of the Worth Valley scene as its more illustrious steam stablemates. This image from the 1st February 2014 shows this DRB fulfilling the role it was designed for in the 1950’s, providing a public service on a rural branchline, but now almost 60 years after construction.

Over 25 years ago M79964 worked turn and turn about with fellow class member E79962 until the latter succumbed to the ravages of time and was laid aside until time and funds could be allocated to return it to work. E79962’s time has now come, following transfer of ownership from the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway to the Vintage Carriages Trust at Ingrow.

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