Further progress on City of Wells

Hot on the heels of last weeks steaming of SR Pacific 34092 City of Wells, the fire was raised again this weekend for the testing of the locomotive’s safety valves ready for its steam test yesterday. Very evident was the advanced stage of painting. Whilst the left hand side was still in a pale green undercoat, the right side was resplendent in British Railways Brunswick green albeit without BR lining (although progress towards this was evident). The reflection of the crane opposite was clearly visible on the mirror-like surface of the air-smooth casing.

The advanced stage of the restoration is leading to much speculation among the enthusiast fraternity that the locomotive will be in steam at the weekend’s gala and, maybe, will move under her own power. The owners, however, are making no such noises, the engine will move when they are ready and not before. However movement did come a step closer as City of Wells successfully passed that steam test.

Featured image: News@KWVR. Photos: Philip Lawton (1) & John Sagar (3)

The ‘Volcano’ Stirs

Known as the Volcano in its mainline days in the ’80s for its awesome eruption of steam from the chimney, Southern Railway West Country Pacific 34092 City of Wells took a further step today in its long running return to action.

The first picture shows it under preparation yesterday and today the engine was brought up to pressure. Although given a steam test 0n 3rd March 2012, the second image shows the first time for raising steam since that date for further adjustments to be made.

Photos taken on the 8th and 9th February

Since ‘City of Wells’ last steamed a small band of volunteer workers, led by engineer John Adams, have steadily refurbished the locomotive. The work undertaken however has been substantial following its exploits out on the mainline when it took the national network, especially the Settle & Carlisle, by storm.

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A step forward for City of Wells

As the accompanying photograph shows, taken at the Autumn Steam Gala in October alongside work-worn 90711 (alias 90733), Southern Region West Country Pacific 34092 ‘City of Wells’ is now well on the way to returning to traffic. Following on from USA S160 ‘Big Jim’, 34092 will become the second large engine to re-join the fleet.

Featured image: Mitchell Turnbull