Double headed 8Fs 1991

It’s a long time since 48431 turned a wheel in anger, so this video that has come to our attention, is a welcome reminder of what we, and indeed our friends down at the Severn Valley, are missing as 48431 and 48773 doublehead out of Keighley in Phil Whitehead’s excellent video. As well as these 2 out of ticket locos, of interest is the use of what is now the Keighley headshunt, whilst the main line is re-laid.

Featured image: Robin Lush


Santa Special from the Archives

With modern video techniques and the latest locomotives at the head of the train we tend to forget Santa specials of past years. In this wonderful atmospheric black and white archive film by Phil Whitehead, converted to modern format, we see 2-8-0 8F 48431 and 0-6-0 Pannier 5775 get to grips with their train on the climb out of Keighley. Both engines are now retired and await their turn in the restoration queue.

We would love to hear from other enthusiasts who have archive film that we can feature in future months .. they say nostalgia is not what it used to be. It is!