Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Trust – L&YR Trust

The Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Trust owns, restores and maintains a fleet of vintage historical railway carriages from the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway. Full details are available on their website.

6 wheel First No. 279 built by LYR early 1880’s well advanced in restoration at Oxenhope
6 wheel Third No. 1507 built by LYR early 1880’s available for service
Bogie Brake Third No. 1474 built by LYR 1910 available for service
Blackpool-Manchester Club Carriage No. 47 built by LYR 1912 available for service

Carriages available for service are normally displayed in Oxenhope Exhibition Shed unless KWVR operational requirements prevent this.

All but 1474 (acquired from departmental service in 1965) were grounded coach bodies recovered from various locations, in the 1990s, restored to a very high standard and mounted on modified frames from more modern condemned rolling stock. 279 is in the process of such a meticulous reconstruction by a dedicated team at Oxenhope. Any practical help with this project would be much appreciated as well as funding via the Trust’s ‘First Class 279 Fund’ (for more information).


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