End of the Line

The Railway was established in 1963 by a group of enthusiastic like minded folk. Since inception the Railway has relied heavily on those original founding fathers and the volunteers who have followed in their wake. In the intervening years many individuals have devoted, if not their lives, then many , many hours to making the Keighley & Worth Railway the wonderful Railway we all enjoy today.

Inevitably, time catches up on us all, and in this section, entitled ‘End of the Line’, we will bring you news of those who have contributed so much, but who, now, have sadly “run out of steam”.

4 comments on “End of the Line

  1. Always remember those who have gone before because you would be where you are without them. God, look after them. They were great people even though I did not know them, they have left their stamp on today. Thank you one and all.

    • Indeed, Robert. We have a lot to be thankful for. The challenge now, is to ensure that their legacy continues for the next 50 years and beyond. The challenges are now very different but just a real.

  2. my father Alexander Macdonald ..known as Alec was a lifetime member of the Preservation Society.
    and was in a syndicate of 9 who brought the stunning 43924 to KWVR
    all our weekends as kids were spent at Haworth whilst he did up the scrapped loco from Barry in South Wales.
    my father ran out of steam in 2013 but his ashes were put in the Firebox of his beloved lifelong project the Midland 4F 43924
    all donations at my fathers train themed funeral were given to the KWVR.
    he lived for steam

    • Thank you for getting in touch Fiona. Sorry to hear of your father’s passing but he would be delighted to know that 43924 is still going strong and is a key performer in the fleet. We have to be so very grateful for those, like your father, who had the foresight to rescue this, the first departee from Barry, and be trail blazers for so many that followed.
      I am sure there are still some around that remember your father, so have passed on your comment to the loco department, who may not know that your father has now passed away.

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