A Midland carriage for a Midland Branchline

When one looks around the railway at the superbly restored carriages owned by the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Trust and the Vintage Carriages Trust there is an alarming omission.

The L&Y Trust have to date magnificently restored from near derelict condition, 3 carriages from that railway with a fourth well under way at Oxenhope. The VCT has exhibition representatives from close to home in the Great Northern Railway and Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway. There is a three carriage set from the Metropolitan Railway in London and even a Southern Railway coach built for the boat trains to the far flung south coast of England – but not one vintage carriage belonging to the ‘home’ railway company has been seen fully restored. That is until now – Midland Railway six-wheeled Composite coach No.358, built in 1886, and owned by VCT since July 1968 is now well on the way to taking its place amongst the railways vintage fleet. Continue reading