“From the Footplate” DVD

Brand new video from Steaming Around Yorkshire, ‘From the Footplate’ is now in stock at Haworth Station.

The video takes us on board the footplate of Midland Railway 4F 0-6-0 43924 as it climbs the Valley from Keighley to Oxenhope giving the viewer a unique view of the activity on the footplate, as the crew battle with the KWVR’s punishing gradients, and the locomotive’s action below footplate.

Here is a short extract from the video to give a taster of what it is like to ride the Valley rails on the footplate of a steam locomotive.

Priced at £12.95 call in to the Haworth shop for your copy, call 01535 640464 (11.00 to 16.00 Monday – Friday, 10.00 – 17.00 Saturday & Sunday) or email shop@kwvr.co.uk.


2015 Winter Steam Gala – Gallery

As always the KWVR Galas are very popular with photographers and the 2015 Winter Steam Gala was no different. If submissions are a yardstick to measure popularity, then Friday was by far the most productive day. With the Pennine weather closing in on Sunday, the conditions were best described as ‘atmospheric’ as Gary Holmes’ image of 43924 and 34092 leaving Keighley testifies.

Here is a small selection of photographs taken across the 3 days and the full collection can be viewed by clicking HERE to see all the weekend’s images.

Our gallery photographs are courtesy of photographers Neil Harvey, Inspirational Images, Colin Smith, Chris King, Craig Elias, Richard Beckett, Ian Dixon, Gary Holmes, Matt Berry, Steve Boreham, Neil Colls, and Ralph Berry.

In addition we are delighted to preview, SAY Film Production’s DVD, the full version of which is available from Haworth shop  priced £12.95


West Country Pacific 34092 ‘Wells’ has been on tour in Wales for the Llangollen Railway’s Steel, Steam & Stars IV, two weekend gala which raises funds for the 6880 Bretton Grange Society, builders of ‘new-build’  GWR ‘Grange Class 4-6-0 6880 Bretton Grange.

KWVR regular contributors have been at Llangollen in force with both cameras and video recorders and we will be bring you the best of their work as soon as their digital developing labs will allow.









Video – Bank Holiday ‘City of Wells’ & 45305

We are delighted to preview this excellent short video by SAY Film Productions of 34092 on the main service train and 45305 on ‘The Yorkshire Pullman’

Other images from the weekend can be seen opposite in the Gallery ‘Look Back at the August Bank Holiday’

Featured image: Robin Lush

‘City of Wells’ – the waiting will soon be over! – Part 3

News of 34092 is now coming thick and fast and it cannot be too long before the locomotive is at the head of its first revenue earning passenger train in 25 years. Hot on the heels of its light engine run on Wednesday, ‘City of Wells’ took the Valley by storm on Friday evening with  a loaded test run up the full length of the line with 5 coaches behind the tender.

The images and video tell the story – the wait really is now almost over.

34092 waits in Haworth loop for the 4F hauled service train. Having coupled on the front 34092 pilots 43924 on the final leg to Oxenhope, effectively making this its passenger turn in the new era.
Photos: Ian Dixon
Waiting to couple up to its train at Oxenhope and having completed it run down to Keighley waits next to the main line to run round and tackle the climb to Oxenhope
Photos: Trevor Gower & John Sagar
The locomotive runs round and now waits for the off.
Photos: left top & bottom and bottom right, John Sagar; top right, Trevor Gower
With the sun setting in the west, ‘City of Wells’ lifts its load from Platform 4 (left) and passes Damems Junction (right)
Photos: left, Trevor Gower; right, Ian Dixon
Arrival at Oxenhope, mission accomplished and the carriages are put away, ready for another day.
Photos: left, John Sagar; right, Trevor Gower

We are also delighted to feature a short video from Steaming Around Yorkshire Film Productions which brings home the thrill that ‘City of Wells’ will bring to many people – families and enthusiasts alike.

The final photograph has to go to three guys pictured here who have been mainly responsible for 34092’s return to action,
owners Graham Bentley and Richard Greenwood and Chief Engineer John ‘Jock’ Adams
Photo: John Sagar

Featured image photo: Ian Dixon


It Ain’t Half Hot, Dad

No Worth Valley event would be complete without the customary video from Penny Steam, and yet again Ken and his faithful companion, Penny, do not disappoint with this preview of his video of the Haworth 1940’s celebration, titled It Ain’t Half Hot, Dad for very obvious reasons on a beautiful hot Spring day.

Click here to see the full video of the days events.

Have you seen a tamper at work?

859924_10202797269267365_8286483362322874628_oWhilst very visible restorations capture the limelight, there are a lot behind the scenes activities that rarely get publicised or even photographed. It was a pleasure therefore to have submitted photographs and video of a permanent way tamper in operation 13th November 2012. Few members of the public ever witness these operations so we are delighted to bring this collection to a wider audience. So just what does a tamper do?

Photos & video: Matthew Robinson


34092 – the first move Video

After the return to traffic of ‘Big Jim’, the sight and sound that everybody has been waiting for – 34092 ‘City of Wells’ moving under her own steam. This video shows proud owner Richard Greenwood at the controls. A pull on the whistle and ‘City of Wells’ is back on the move and ‘Big Jim’ joins in the scene as the 2 new locomotives exchange whistles.


Video: Peter Fletcher

‘City of Wells’ moves under its own power

After weeks of speculation as to when the West Country pacific would steam out of Haworth yard under its own power, the time came at precisely 5.35 on the last day of the Winter Steam Spectacular, sadly after most attendees had left the Railway and with the light fading, the restorers had finally completed their preparation and, with owner Richard Greenwood on the regulator, the locomotive moved slowly out of the yard and under the Bridgehouse Lane bridge, for the first time in over 25 years.

34092 Number transfersThere is still much to do before it enters regular service, but the end of this thorough restoration is now well and truly in sight. Earlier posts have shown the mirror like finish on the left hand side and the painting of the engine and tender should be completed during the coming week. The number transfers, as the illustration shows, are ready, just waiting for the day when lining out is complete. In addition the locomotive has now been weighed successfully.

Just to remind everybody what we have been missing and, therefore, what we can look forward to, the video below shows 34092 ‘City of Wells’ in her previous re-incarnation.

Video: acw71000. Featured image: Trevor Gower, Photo: John Sagar


Video look back at the Winter Steam Spectacular

No look at the weekend’s events would be complete without a video from Kenneth Baker at Penny Steam. Filmed on Saturday, this review has been produced specifically for the Railway. We are sure that having seen this review you will want to see the full extended version of the days events.

To see the full length version of Penny Steam’s ‘Keighley & Worthy Valley – Winter Steam Spectacular’ Click here.


1999 Reminiscences of 34092 ‘City of Wells’

As we all wait with bated breath for ‘City of Wells’ return to active service, the excellent video below, ‘Salisbury Steam Finale’, which will be of great interest to railway enthusiasts in general and followers of ‘City of Wells’ in particular, has recently been released into the public domain. This video was produced for Spa Films and records the memories of Tom Doel, fireman on a Southern Region special filmed trip with City of Wells being preceded wrong line by a diesel and observation coach filming the steam hauled ‘Atlantic Coast Express’.

34092 Salisbury Steam

Railway Children Weekend : 3rd – 5th May

Following on from Christmas showing of the favourite children’s film, The Railway Children, the spotlight once again turns to the railway where the original film was made, the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway. Whilst Jenny Agutter (Roberta [Bobbie]), Gary Warren (Peter) or Sally Thomsett (Phyllis) or any other of the actors in the film will not be there on the day, a local contingent  will play the various characters and re-enact scenes from this wonderful and ageless film. Sadly the Green Dragon and the other engines in the film are currently retired from active duty but engines from the current operating fleet will play the star roles those retired engines fulfilled in the film.

Click here for more details on the main website.

This event has become a must visit on the Worth Valley Railway calendar, so take a look at this video by Mollsmyre to see what the day has in store.

Readers may also like to view the excellent short video from the On Location TV program that looked back at filming of the The Railway Children.


Winter Steam in the Valley

Kenneth F. Baker of Penny Steam, along with his faithfully dog, Penny, never disappoints and this series of videos of the Railway in Winter demonstrate, that even in the depths of winter, the Railway has much to offer. Make yourself a nice cup of cocoa, put your feet up and settle down to watch the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway on a Santa Special, Mince Pie Special and a normal service day on the 19th January 2014


Santa Special from the Archives

With modern video techniques and the latest locomotives at the head of the train we tend to forget Santa specials of past years. In this wonderful atmospheric black and white archive film by Phil Whitehead, converted to modern format, we see 2-8-0 8F 48431 and 0-6-0 Pannier 5775 get to grips with their train on the climb out of Keighley. Both engines are now retired and await their turn in the restoration queue.

We would love to hear from other enthusiasts who have archive film that we can feature in future months .. they say nostalgia is not what it used to be. It is!


95820 – Videos of the first public runs

Thankfully a sunny day made for great photographs and video of the long awaited return of ‘Big Jim’.

Below are two YouTube videos, excellent coverage of the day’s proceedings by UK Steam Films at various locations along the Valley and Phil Whitehead’s short video has 95820 solo approaching Oxenhope.

S160 ‘Big Jim’ debuts with 43924

The Featured Image at dawn in Haworth yard and 43924 and 95820 are prepared for the day’s events


Keighley and Worth Valley Railway (Official) Facebook

Click here to view a video taken today, as the newly restored USA S160 95820 (alias 5820) passes Damems Junction signalbox in tandem with 43924 and the image below sees the pair approaching Oakworth.

43924 & 95820 Double heading towards Oakworth

Photo: Robin Lush