Boiler lift for 41241

Last weekend saw a significant step in the restoration of LMS Ivatt 2-6-2 Tank 41241. As previously reported the iconic tank engine is being restored in time for the 50th Anniversary of the opening of the line in the preservation era. On Saturday 22nd February the following two images show the boiler being lifted from the frames so that a thorough inspection can be carried out to see the extent of the work required on the locomotive and its boiler.

41241 140222'441241-140222'5_1

Photos: James Horrell & Stuart Brown

LMS Class 5MT 4-6-0 45212 progress at Ian Riley Engineering

Since leaving the Railway in 2013 under an agreement with Ian Riley Engineering to return this Worth Valley locomotive to the mainline, overhaul has proceeded at pace. Over the last few weeks, Heritage Painting, whose more illustrious locomotive contracts include A4s Mallard and Dwight D. Eisenhower, have been working on 45212.  All of the frames have been degreased, stripped and painted with numerous coats of paint before attention has turned to cylinder cladding, valances, tender and buffer beam. Continue reading

The ‘Volcano’ Stirs

Known as the Volcano in its mainline days in the ’80s for its awesome eruption of steam from the chimney, Southern Railway West Country Pacific 34092 City of Wells took a further step today in its long running return to action.

The first picture shows it under preparation yesterday and today the engine was brought up to pressure. Although given a steam test 0n 3rd March 2012, the second image shows the first time for raising steam since that date for further adjustments to be made.

Photos taken on the 8th and 9th February

Since ‘City of Wells’ last steamed a small band of volunteer workers, led by engineer John Adams, have steadily refurbished the locomotive. The work undertaken however has been substantial following its exploits out on the mainline when it took the national network, especially the Settle & Carlisle, by storm.

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Ivatt Tank 41241 overhaul progresses

Ivatt 2-6-2 tank 41241 was written into Worth Valley folklore when, with USA 0-6-0T 30072, it hauled the inaugural  service on the re-opened Worth Valley Railway on 29th June 1968 and 2018 will, therefore, hail the 50th Anniversary of the opening of the Railway. To celebrate this momentous year without 41241 would be unthinkable.  The engine was retired from service in January 2013 at the expiry of its 10 year boiler ticket but plans are afoot to have her back in service in time for the celebrations. 30072 sadly, will not be able to join in, side-lined some years ago, this engine is a long way down the restoration queue.

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95820 – Videos of the first public runs

Thankfully a sunny day made for great photographs and video of the long awaited return of ‘Big Jim’.

Below are two YouTube videos, excellent coverage of the day’s proceedings by UK Steam Films at various locations along the Valley and Phil Whitehead’s short video has 95820 solo approaching Oxenhope.

S160 ‘Big Jim’ debuts with 43924

The Featured Image at dawn in Haworth yard and 43924 and 95820 are prepared for the day’s events


Keighley and Worth Valley Railway (Official) Facebook

Click here to view a video taken today, as the newly restored USA S160 95820 (alias 5820) passes Damems Junction signalbox in tandem with 43924 and the image below sees the pair approaching Oakworth.

43924 & 95820 Double heading towards Oakworth

Photo: Robin Lush

‘Big Jim’ preview this weekend

Although not officially due to re-enter traffic until the Winter Steam Spectacular in March, USA S160 5820, running as BR 95820, will make a trial public debut this Saturday, when it will double head with MR 0-6-0 4F 43924.


For the Saturday timetable, click here to see the KWVR main website.

Featured image & photo: Neil Harvey.

Winter Steam Spectacular 2014

95820 Haworth LoopInitial details have been announced for the Winter Steam Spectacular that will take place from Friday 7th March to Sunday 9th March.

Whilst visiting engines are still to be announced the home fleet will see the debut in service of USATC S160 2-8-0 5820 after a thorough and lengthy overhaul. Affectionately known as ‘Big Jim’, 5820 will appear in the fictitious British Railways guise as no. 95820.

Click here to see further details on the main website

Standard 4 Progress at Crewe and Haworth

75078-boilerThere has been big progress on the boiler at Crewe, which includes the completion of the roof stays, the imminent fitting of copper stays to the centre back plate and fitting of flanges to the centre of the throat plate. More especially, the really good news was that the new barrel was ready for riveting to the firebox as the attached illustration shows. Continue reading

A step forward for City of Wells

As the accompanying photograph shows, taken at the Autumn Steam Gala in October alongside work-worn 90711 (alias 90733), Southern Region West Country Pacific 34092 ‘City of Wells’ is now well on the way to returning to traffic. Following on from USA S160 ‘Big Jim’, 34092 will become the second large engine to re-join the fleet.

Featured image: Mitchell Turnbull

S160 Steams Again

USA S160 2-8-0 5820 has emerged from Haworth Shed resplendent in early British Railways livery complete with ‘cycling lion’ emblem and the ficticious British Railways number of 95820. Although awaiting the final boiler inspection next week, 5820 steamed up Haworth loop. It will not be too long, anticipated at February 2014, before we see ‘Big Jim’ back at the head of trains up the Valley.

Featured image: Mitchell Turnbull

In the yard and from the footplate, Tom Kay’s video on the 16th October gives a taster as to what’s to come (some bad language).