Haworth Shed News – (belated) October 2019

It has been some time since our young reporter Joe Shaw wrote his previous article and one would think that over the Summer, with no school work, Joe would have plenty of time to put virtual pen to paper. However, it is testimony to the dedication of our younger volunteers that he has been far too busy, working ON the Railway in a number of roles to help the wheels to keep turning during the summer months (and these youngsters do have a life (just) outside the Railway).

So once again we are delighted to publish, belatedly, Joe’s latest report, with a promise of more to follow soon.

The previous edition in this series mainly consisted on news on the diesel fleet, we are now back over to steam, with a rather detailed update on Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Class 25 ‘Ironclad 0-6-0 no. 957 as well as a brief update on WD 2-8-0 no. 90733.

Seen at Haworth on a service to Keighley, over the weekend of the 2nd & 3rd November, DRB no. M79964 operated along the branch for the first time in over 18 months.

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Ivatt Restoration Update

The Society’s in-house magazine Push & Pull publishes an update on the restoration of Ivatt 2-6-2T 41241 every quarter. Since publication of the Winter 2016/17 edition, progress has continued apace with a view to completion in time for the Re-opening Anniversary celebrations in June  2018. Here Callum Porter and James Horrell of the Ivatt Team document and illustrate the continued restoration up to the end of January 2017. Continue reading

80002 moves to Haworth

When a locomotive returns to action after an overhaul to working condition, the Railway can expect it to have a working life of approximately 10 years. As a result, the Railway can plan ahead based on when particular locomotives will be withdrawn and, therefore, will assess that locomotives  replacement from the pool of stored locomotives at Oxenhope.

This process has resulted in Taff Vale 0-6-2T no. 85 going through the works with an anticipated completion date in the not too distant future. Also going through the works are Standard 2MT 2-6-0 78022 and Ivatt 2-6-2T 41241 both progressing well in their respective overhauls for completion in years to come.

With MR 4F 0-6-0 43924 due for overhaul in 6 years, the next identified long term requirement is for a locomotive of power classification 4 and with this in mind Standard 4MT 2-6-4T 80002 was taken out of store at Oxenhope on the 28th May and moved down to Haworth Locomotive Works for assessment of the work required to bring it back into working order.

80002-150528'2-PlaEnthusiasts will have to wait some years before 80002 is in action again, but at this stage the Railway needs to know the feasibility and commitment of resources that will be required to bring the locomotive into traffic in the necessary timescale.

Boiler activities – 78022 taken out, 85 put in!

With the Standard 4 Locomotive Preservation Society’s BR Standard 4 4-6-0 75078 now in service, just requiring routine maintenance and lining out, attention have now been turned to their second locomotive 78022, BR Standard 2MT 2-6-0.

Brian France reports that on 11th March, 78022 came out into the open and, as his photographs show, the boiler was lifted from the frames for a detailed inspection to take place to determine the amount of work required to return this popular engine to full working order.


As reported previously the boiler for Taff Vale O2 0-6-2T 85 passed its boiler test and, with the crane already in attendance, the opportunity was taken to lift its boiler back into the frames, bringing the engine another step closer to returning to traffic.

Featured image: Robin Lush

Successful Steam Test for TVR 85

Following the recent completion of the in house boiler repair, Taff Vale Railway 0-6-2T no. 85 has successfully completed an ‘out-of-the-frames’ steam test. The images taken on 19th & 20th February 2015 show the Thursday (left) and Friday (right) of a 3 day project, the boiler being taken to full working pressure of 160 psi on the Friday, after some minor remedial work first thing that morning. This is another step towards a full return to service later in the year, hopefully not too far away.

Behind, no. 85 is MR 4F 43924 which was also having a steam test following its routine wash-out. Unfortunately 43924, with maintenance required on the locomotive, will not be in action this weekend, see separate post.

Featured image: Neil Harvey. Photos: Left, Steve Harris. Right, Frank Richards


BR 4MT 4-6-0 75078 Steam Test

December 5th marked another chapter in the restoration of 75078 when the locomotive undertook a steam test and run up Haworth loop.

Trevor Gower and James Horrell were on hand to record the event.


Full return to service should be early in the New Year when it is expected to run in plain black until conditions are more suitable for painting into full BR livery.

Ivatt 2-6-2 41241 Overhaul Update

There has been considerable activity on 41241 in readiness for its return to steam in time for the 50th Anniversary in 2018 of the re-opening of the branch.

Noel Hartley, project leader for the Ivatt restoration, has sent in this report after visual recent activity of our iconic locomotive with the removal of the side tanks with the help of the recently restored Grafton steam crane. Continue reading

Comings and goings in Haworth Loco

Following the shuffle of stock between Haworth and Oxenhope reported earlier and the arrival of the boiler of 75078 from Crewe, things look a little different inside Haworth Locomotive Works. And yesterday they changed again as GWR pannier tank 5775 left for a holiday and spruce-up in the North East. Seen in the shed a week ago are 75078 now looking more like a complete locomotive and 78022 whose condition looks as if it could steam immediately but awaits assessment of the work needed to bring it back into steam.

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75078 Boiler re-united with the frames

Having reported yesterday on the arrival from Crewe of Standard 4 4-6-0 75078’s boiler, today the boiler was lifted from the trailer that brought it over the Pennines and lowered onto the frames that had earlier been withdrawn from the shed (along with L&Y 2F 0-6-0 957 that was in front of it inside Haworth Loco).


Featured image: Trevor Gower. Photos: Trevor Gower (top) and Keighley and Worth Valley Railway (Official) (bottom)

May Day Arrival for 75078 Boiler

A major step forward was taken today with the arrival, in Haworth yard, of the boiler of BR Standard 4 4-6-0 75078 from L&NWR Heritage at Crewe. Whilst this is a boost for the restoration team, there is still a lot of work to do before we see this popular locomotive at the head of its comeback train up the Valley.



Photos: Adam Hustwick

Successful Steam Test for 75078

British Railway Standard 4 4-6-0 75078 took a further step towards a return to action when the boiler repairs were recently completed and  following a successful hydraulic test, the boiler duly passed its steam test at Crewe Heritage Centre. The boiler is now due back at Haworth in the next week or so.

Photographs of the steam test were not allowed but here the boiler is seen at Crewe back in February 2011 awaiting the attentions of the fitters and these recent photographs taken at Haworth recently show work currently under way in preparation for its return.

Featured image & photos: Paul Livsey


Taff Vale Railway Class O2 0-6-2T No. 85 restoration update

Whilst all the attention has been focused on the return to service of 5820, the pending re-launch of ‘City of Wells’  and the pending start on the overhaul of 41241, out of the limelight the progress being made on TVR no. 85 has gone on unnoticed and unreported. It is some time since we saw no. 85 out on the branch but the team in Haworth Locomotive works have not left this withdrawn engine rest for too long. With the smallest useful engine available being MR 4F 0-6-0 43924, the Railway has been bereft of a small but handy tank engine to take the more lightly loaded trains on quieter days. Since entering the shed the engine has been completely stripped down and a lot of work has been undertaken to return the locomotive to traffic, hopefully, later this year.

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‘City of Wells’ – out in the open

Now fully painted and lined out with only varnishing to complete, this image from today is a first glimpse of the superbly painted West Country Pacific and hints that it is not too long before we will see the locomotive make moves out onto the  KWVR main line. The move was made to allow the newly painted S160 5820 to be with drawn from the shadows of Haworth Loco. Click here to see a short 30 second Facebook video of the move.

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4MT 4-6-0 75078 Progress at Crewe

The Standard 4 Loco Preservation Society AGM took place on Saturday night and those present were informed that the boiler successfully passed its hydraulic test for the insurance company a week ago, at Crewe. This of course will be followed by the steam test which is due in the next two weeks. It is anticipated that the boiler will be delivered to Haworth at the end of April.  Once the boiler is received back at the loco shed, further boiler work is required when it is replaced in the frames. As always it will be ready when it is ready and not before but at the time of writing the project is on target for completion by the end of the year.

So not too long to wait for a retake of the 16th June 1996 photograph of 75078 on GN Straight on the climb out of Keighley.

Featured image: Neil Harvey


Winter Services – Dramatic Images

Illustrated throughout the site are many excellent images of the Railway’s operations submitted to us by dedicated supporters of the Railway who can regularly be seen at the lineside.

However some photographers take a superb photograph and through the use of photographic software turn the image into something quite striking and powerful. Below are two such examples that we have received, click on either image to see a selection of the best images portraying the Railway in a different atmospheric light.


Featured image & Photos: inspiring images

‘City of Wells’ on the final lap

Having moved under her own power last Sunday, the completed locomotive has taken a step nearer to entering service with the application of the lining, numbers and British Railways early logo this week. In the third photograph, chief engineer ‘Jock’ Adams justifiably looks proud of the achievement as this long and thorough overhaul, gets ever nearer to completion.

34092 140320 Numbers34092 140320 Tender

Photo: Steve Harris

Ivatt 2-6-2 41241 – Extent of repairs required revealed

Whilst the Society await the full report from the Severn Valley Railway engineers, the Society’s in-house magazine, Push and Pull, has revealed the extent of the repairs required to return the locomotive to traffic in time for the 50th Anniversary of the re-opening of the branch, in 2018.

The anticipated extent of the work is as follows:

  • New inner copper firebox and other remedial boiler work.
  • New water tanks.
  • Re-profiling all tyres.
  • Overhaul of fittings.
  • New ashpan.
  • New set of springs.
  • Repair of drawbars.
  • Other small repairs plus ones as they arise.

The estimated cost is in the region £350,000 for which the Society is launching an appeal to bring this iconic locomotive back into steam in time.

Featured image: Colin Smith


34092 – the first move Video

After the return to traffic of ‘Big Jim’, the sight and sound that everybody has been waiting for – 34092 ‘City of Wells’ moving under her own steam. This video shows proud owner Richard Greenwood at the controls. A pull on the whistle and ‘City of Wells’ is back on the move and ‘Big Jim’ joins in the scene as the 2 new locomotives exchange whistles.


Video: Peter Fletcher

‘City of Wells’ moves under its own power

After weeks of speculation as to when the West Country pacific would steam out of Haworth yard under its own power, the time came at precisely 5.35 on the last day of the Winter Steam Spectacular, sadly after most attendees had left the Railway and with the light fading, the restorers had finally completed their preparation and, with owner Richard Greenwood on the regulator, the locomotive moved slowly out of the yard and under the Bridgehouse Lane bridge, for the first time in over 25 years.

34092 Number transfersThere is still much to do before it enters regular service, but the end of this thorough restoration is now well and truly in sight. Earlier posts have shown the mirror like finish on the left hand side and the painting of the engine and tender should be completed during the coming week. The number transfers, as the illustration shows, are ready, just waiting for the day when lining out is complete. In addition the locomotive has now been weighed successfully.

Just to remind everybody what we have been missing and, therefore, what we can look forward to, the video below shows 34092 ‘City of Wells’ in her previous re-incarnation.

Video: acw71000. Featured image: Trevor Gower, Photo: John Sagar

Further progress on City of Wells

Hot on the heels of last weeks steaming of SR Pacific 34092 City of Wells, the fire was raised again this weekend for the testing of the locomotive’s safety valves ready for its steam test yesterday. Very evident was the advanced stage of painting. Whilst the left hand side was still in a pale green undercoat, the right side was resplendent in British Railways Brunswick green albeit without BR lining (although progress towards this was evident). The reflection of the crane opposite was clearly visible on the mirror-like surface of the air-smooth casing.

The advanced stage of the restoration is leading to much speculation among the enthusiast fraternity that the locomotive will be in steam at the weekend’s gala and, maybe, will move under her own power. The owners, however, are making no such noises, the engine will move when they are ready and not before. However movement did come a step closer as City of Wells successfully passed that steam test.

Featured image: News@KWVR. Photos: Philip Lawton (1) & John Sagar (3)