BP Tanker A5066 comes in for a refit

Tanker-A5066-140723-PLaWith voluntary labour stretched to the limit there are numerous items up and down the Railway that become neglected through necessity. The Railway has received criticism from some quarters that the goods wagons on display around the turntable at Keighley do not present the best of images to the outside world. One of the items is tanker wagon A5066, illustrated above in a woebegone condition earlier this year.

A5066’s fortune,s however, have now taken a turn for the better and it was recently taken up to Oxenhope for a rebuild and spruce up. In the accompanying picture Peter Eastham and young colleague are seen commencing the rebuild, after the tank had been jacked up off the frames. Whether in the future the tanker can take its place in the demonstration freight train is yet to be seen, until the extent of the work required is established and whether full restoration is feasible.

It’s not all carriages and wagons in the Carriage & Wagon Department!

For Peter Eastham and his band of happy carriage and wagon restorers it is not all about keeping the carriage fleet in tip top condition interspersed with the occasional wagon thrown in for good measure.

This week his team completed the rebuild of something more narrow than standard gauge, more waggonway than railway. Given a ‘test run’ after a full rebuild the attached photo shows the latest renovation being put through its paces – a platform barrow, just completely rebuilt for the Stations Department in the C&W workshops. The skills needed are all present at Oxenhope and therefore they are prime candidates (victims?) to be chosen to restore this vital piece of the Worth Valley scene. It is reported the barrow rode well and held up when tested with the full load illustrated. However it is unlikely that this will be added to the passenger carrying fleet.

Do you have time on your hands and skills that are no longer being put to the test – there are always vacancies for any level of skill – just contact Haworth Station and let them know you would like to be involved.

Featured image: Peter Eastham

‘Old Gentleman’s’ saloon in the works

LNER saloon 21661, more famously known as the Old Gentleman’s Saloon in the Railway Children film, is arguably the oldest operational standard gauge passenger coach in the world and seats just 14 people.

Old Gentleman's Saloon 140310Being of a venerable age the old carriage shows her age from time to time and has been showing signs that all is not well. Last week it was lifted off its bogies to allow removal of a drawgear spring for overhaul and a general inspection of the undergear and underframe. The ride height of the coach at the other end is to be adjusted when the spring has returned from overhaul.

The image shows, owner Chris Lawson inspecting the underframe and his smiles suggest he is not too unhappy with the outcome.

Photo: Peter Eastham

Pullman Car ‘Mary’

Very much unsung heroes of the Railway, how many of us take for granted the “modern” rolling stock we travel on when we visit the Railway. However beavering away in the Oxenhope former goods shed are a dedicated team, led by Peter Eastham, who keep the running fleet serviced whilst at the same time overhauling previously active members of the fleet that have been in the queue for attention.

We hope to keep followers of the site up-to-date with what is happening in the depths of Oxenhope goods shed.

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Carriage & Wagon Update

Pullman Car ‘Mary’

The roof repairs and painting, and structural repairs and rebuilding of the north end vestibule rames, floor and one corner has been completed, and a paint touch-up and re-varnish of the car exterior is underway.

British Railways Second Lavatory Open E48011 (WVR 17)

Gloss paint is also being applied following careful preparation.

Lowmac Wagons

Former LNER, BR E230965, and British Railways, BR 904133 Lowmac wagons have both visited Oxenhope. The former has had its frames cleaned, repainted and a new floor fitted in time for its use during Civil Week in September. The latter for renewal of its wooden buffer packings.