2018 Spring Gala

Some of you will have seen on our Facebook page that we are (I am) having considerable difficulty with our website http://www.kwvr.co.uk .

This problem has arisen at a most problematical time as it is our Spring Gala this weekend. Whilst the Working Timetable (click to download) was published earlier, the Passenger Timetable has fallen fowl of the problem we are experiencing and cannot be seen in the usual place on the website. So for those looking for the passenger timetable, we are pleased to present them here:

To download the Passenger Timetable for all 3 days, click HERE>>>

All the details of the Gala are here on News@KWVR, click HERE>>>

Visiting Locomotives

With respect to the Gala, the positive news is that 70013 Oliver Cromwell arrived via our mainline connection, at a time when diesel and electric traction on the national network were in chaos, but steam locomotion made it through onto Worth Valley metals.

Hard on the heels of ‘Oliver Cromwell’ is our other visiting locomotive, S&DJR 7F 2-8-0 53808 which left its home on the West Somerset Railway today for its journey north (hopefully with its tender).