‘Black 5’ 45305 repairs complete and back in action


LMS Class 5MT 4-6-0 45305 , pictured during last weeks Tour de France weekend, has been out of traffic since suffering from failure of the engine’s valve liners. The new liners have been manufactured and fitted and, in the last few weeks, the valves have been set. The locomotive had several runs up and down Haworth loop last week to help bed in the valves and is now ready to return to action.

We understand that an insurance steam test has been booked with a VAB mainline inspection on Thursday this week. This will ensure that it is ready to go to Crewe for its season of North Wales Coast Express trips, in the middle of which it will go to the North Norfolk Railway for their August gala.

Assuming that all the tests are satisfactory 45305 will operate services on the Railway on both Saturday and Sunday this week, before leaving the KWVR for Crewe on Friday 25th July. The first booked work is a Liverpool-Holyhead train two days later on the 27th July. It is anticipated that it will return to the KWVR at the end of the summer.

LMS 5MT 45305 repairs under way

In the original line up for Saturday’s Winter Steam Spectacular, 5305 Locomotive Association’s LMS Black 5 45305 ‘Alderman A. E. Draper’ was due to be a visiting star guest alongside 61994 ‘The Great Marquess’. Having given sterling service since arriving on the railway in early 2013 and being a constant source of motive power on the Santa Expresses, the locomotive had to be withdrawn for essential maintenance on the run up to the gala. Failure of the engine’s valve liners has sidelined 45305 for the foreseeable future whilst new liners are manufactured and fitted as per the accompanying photograph. However it is anticipated that this work and any other essential maintenance will be completed before Easter.

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Winter Steam in the Valley

Kenneth F. Baker of Penny Steam, along with his faithfully dog, Penny, never disappoints and this series of videos of the Railway in Winter demonstrate, that even in the depths of winter, the Railway has much to offer. Make yourself a nice cup of cocoa, put your feet up and settle down to watch the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway on a Santa Special, Mince Pie Special and a normal service day on the 19th January 2014

45305 confirmed for Winter Steam Spectacular

Having been non the Railway since April 2013, we are now able to confirm LMS 4-6-0 Black 5 45305 ‘Alderman A. E. Draper’ will remain with us to provide the second visiting engine for the Winter Steam Spectacular, 7th – 9th March.

These 2 images were taken at the Autumn Steam Spectacular

45305 11th October 2013

Featured image: Mitchell Turnbull. Photo: Steve Boreham

45305 Alderman A. E. Draper Remains in the Fleet

45305 arrived on the Railway in April from the ‘big railway’ and it has been announced, will stay with us into 2014. This popular engine will be available to haul Santa trains and regular service trains through to the New Year, probably until March 2014. In addition to working on the Worth Valley, the engine, a reliable performer on the main line, will also be making sojourns out onto the main network on railtours.

Featured image: inspiring images