Locomotive Roster for Saturday 23rd June and 50th Anniversary 8-Day Gala

Only 3 days to go before we start our 8 days celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway re-opening on the 29th June 1968.

The following locomotives will be in operation over the 9 days from Saturday 23rd June to Sunday 1st July

Steam Locomotives


London Midland Scottish Railway ‘Royal Scot’ Class 4-6-0 46100 ‘Royal Scot’
London Midland Scottish Railway Class 5MT ‘Black 5’ 4-6-0 45212
Southern Region ‘West Country’ Pacific 34092 ‘City of Wells’
Great Western Railway 0-6-0PT 7714

Home Fleet

British Railway Ivatt 2-6-2T 41241
Midland 4F 0-6-0 43924
British Railway Standard 4MT 4-6-0 75078
United States of America Transport Corp S160 2-8-0 5820
London & North Western Railway ‘Coal Tank’ 0-6-2T 1054

Diesel Locomotives


British Railway ‘Deltic’ Class 55, 55 019 ‘Royal Highland Fusiliers
British Railways Class 50, 50 035 ‘Ark Royal’
GB Railfreight Class 66
GB Railfreight Class 73
Direct Rail Services Class 37

Home Fleet

Mersey Docks & Harbour Board 0-6-0 Diesel Shunter D32
British Railways Class 20, 20 031
British Railways Class 25, 25 059
English Electric 0-6-0 D0226 ‘Vulcan’

An 8 day Gala involving this multitude of steam and diesel locomotives has been planned with the following proposed daily roster:

Saturday 23rd June: 45212 (+ 43924 on the Saturday works train)
Sunday 24th June: 41241 (relaunch into traffic), 75078, 5820, 1054, 45212 and 34092
Monday 25th June: 46100 & 41241 (top and tailed), 34092 and 45212
Tuesday 26th June: 46100 & 41241 (top and tailed), 34092 and 75078
Wednesday 27th June: 46100 & 41241 (top and tailed), 34092 and 43924
Thursday 28th June: 43924, 41241, 1054, 7714, D32 and D0226
Friday 29th June: 41241 (re-opening Anniversary train), 5820, 45212, 34092, 7714, GBRf 66 xxx and GBRf 73 xxx
Saturday 30th June: 41241, 43924, 1054, 45212, 34092, 7714, 55 019, 50 035, 20 031 and DRS 37 xxx
Sunday 1st July: 55 019, 50 035, D32, 20 031, 25 059, D0226, GBRf 66 xxx, GBRf 73 xxx and DRS 37 xxx

To download the working timetables for all 8 days of the Gala, click HERE.

To view the daily passenger timetables visit the KWVR website or to download the passenger timetables for all 8 days of the Gala, click HERE.

Whilst every effort will made to ensure that the advised motive power is available, the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway reserve the right to change this when operational circumstances so dictate

Ivatt Restoration Update

The Society’s in-house magazine Push & Pull publishes an update on the restoration of Ivatt 2-6-2T 41241 every quarter. Since publication of the Winter 2016/17 edition, progress has continued apace with a view to completion in time for the Re-opening Anniversary celebrations in June  2018. Here Callum Porter and James Horrell of the Ivatt Team document and illustrate the continued restoration up to the end of January 2017. Continue reading

41241 – Ivatt Appeal Update

Regular Website readers will already know that our Ivatt class 2 tank locomotive 41241 is currently out of service whilst undergoing a major overhaul. The railway is however anxious to have the locomotive ready for service again by early 2018, in order that it might be available to head our Anniversary Special train later that year, marking fifty years since it performed a similar task at the head of the preserved line’s reopening train.

We launched our 50th Anniversary Return to Steam appeal for the lvatt 41241 tank locomotive just over a year ago and since then we have made significant progress towards raising the overall £200,000 sum which we need to see the locomotive returned to steam by June 20l8 in time to then haul our special anniversary train.

After the success of our first 2 appeals – Sponsor-a-boiler-tube Appeal and Sponsorship Packages we are now launching our third stage of the Appeal – Sponsor a Firebox Stay. To see how you can help raise the funds to get 41241 over the line, Read More >>>>

Ivatt 41241 Update

Callum Porter, a regular member of the Ivatt team, has sent in this report of the team’s activities over the last month or so.

The rear pony truck was disassembled a few months ago and in the intervening time every component has been stripped, checked and painted. The truck was then re-assembled by the team, finished off, painted and stored ready for fitting. On the 16th July the locomotive was jacked up and the rear truck placed under and lowered back down so returning it to its rightful place.

More recently work has turned towards cleaning up the bottom end of the loco (frames, wheels etc.) ready for painting. Once the bottom end painting is complete the tanks can be refitted which, hopefully will be end August / September.

Behind the scenes all the new and old bushes for the motion have been re-white metalled and are awaiting machining them to finish size before they can be pressed into the rods and re fitted.
Once the side tanks will go back, there is some work on the cab to be completed, tanks painting and applying some finishing touches on them both. A start has been made on the new motion brasses so, with a fair wind, the motion will be back together before November.

The result of all this work, it is hoped, is that by the end of Autumn, 41241 will have the side tanks on, motion re-assembled and in red undercoat. June 2018 gets ever closer.

There is a constant and substantial amount of work required to our locomotives to keep the trains running, and extra hands are always needed to complete the tasks. If you can spare time to help either the ‘Ivatt Team’ or work on other locomotive restorations and maintenance, please contact Operations Officer, Richard Jones on 01535 645214 or richard.jones@kwvr.co.uk

The Ivatt Restoration Appeal is still open for sponsorship packages and Ivatt merchandise, that supports the Appeal, is available from our ‘pop-up’ stalls on the Railway and by telephone to Haworth Station, 01535 645214. And don’t forget the annual Beer & Music Festival is this year dedicated to the Ivatt Appeal with all profits adding to the Appeal fund.

41241 in BR days

Ask anyone if, whilst allocated to Skipton shed, Ivatt 2-6-2T 41241 hauled rolling stock along the Worth Valley branch and you will receive a resounding “No!”

Whilst physically that answer is correct, the record books suggest otherwise, 41241 hauled daily what in this day and age could be called a ‘ghost train’.

That well known KWVR figure, David Pearson, has sent in this absolute gem of BR at work in the latter days of steam.

In the National Archive is the correspondence sending her from Llandudno Junction to Skipton. It clearly states that she was sent to Skipton in 1964 to work the Worth Valley branch goods train. The branch had closed in 1961 and this was commented upon by an unknown hand at Euston, when sending the memo back to Crewe where the comment was added; “send in any case; will employ at least two men and use some coal”.

Astonishingly, the move was made and at least one KWVR volunteer remembers her passing his school in Keighley as she arrived from Skipton more or less every day, light engine, about noon. On arrival she was parked in the Banana Siding alongside the long demolished goods shed, where she stayed for about three hours doing absolutely nothing, rather than work the branch goods, had it still been open and operated. She then went back to Skipton about 3.30 p.m. having done nothing at all. She did this utterly pointless exercise for at least two years, presumably employing at least two men and burning lots of coal; a remarkable comment on the objectives of a nationalised industry.

We are grateful to David for passing on for a wider audience information that came to light some years ago, during research into the wider subject of locomotives that worked on the KWVR whilst part of the national network. You couldn’t make it up.

David Quail's photograph taken on the 11th July 1966 shows 41241 in a woebegone state in steam at Skipton shed. Waiting to take the Worth Valley freight? We'll never know.

David Quail’s photograph taken on the 11th July 1966 shows 41241 in a woebegone state in steam at Skipton shed. Waiting to take the Worth Valley freight? We’ll never know.

Ivatt Appeal Casualwear

Regular readers will already know that our Ivatt class 2 tank locomotive 41241 is currently out of service whilst undergoing a major overhaul. The railway is however anxious to have the locomotive ready for service again by early 2018 in order that it might be available to head our Anniversary Special train later that year marking fifty years since it performed a similar task at the head of the preserved line’s reopening train.

The Sponsor-a-boiler-tube Appeal and the Sponsorship Packages have been very successful and have raised over £60,000 towards restoring Ivatt 2-6-2T 41241 back into traffic in time for the 2018 celebrations of 50 years since the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway re-opened in the preservation era.

However we still have some way to go and we are delighted to introduce a range of casualwear in support of the appeal.

To find out more and place your order for a T-Shirt, Polo Shirt or Hoody go to the Ivatt Appeal page of the website.


Ivatt 41241 Sponsorship Packages


After the success of the Boiler Tube Appeal which is now 90% subscribed but is till open for anyone wishing to specifically donate for this aspect of the restoration, we have now launched the second phase of the fund raising for Return to Steam appeal for the Ivatt tank locomotive, 41241..

You can become an Official Ivatt Appeal Supporter from JUST £5 A MONTH, and receive a special Package of supporter benefits …

Following the launch of our 50th Anniversary Return to Steam appeal for the Ivatt 41241 tank locomotive with Sponsor-a-Tube, we are now offering supporters another opportunity to join the campaign and this time to receive an attractive range of benefits, many of which are unique to this appeal.

There are three supporter packages available (bronze, silver, and gold) and all can be subscribed to with either a single upfront payment or by modest regular monthly payments by standing order from your bank account.

Follow the link to visit the KWVR website for full details of how you can help!

Ivatt Boiler Tube Appeal Update

800x550 pixels

Are you looking to sponsor one of 41241’s boiler tubes. Then don’t delay as they are selling fast. As of today, Sunday 26th July, 101 small and 8 large have been generously sponsored which leaves just 61 and 4 respectively to be sponsored.

If you want to help this worthwhile restoration, follow the link to visit the Appeal page on the website for full details of how you can help!

Ivatt Boiler Tube Appeal Update

800x550 pixels

For the KWVR, 2018 will be a year to celebrate. It marks a significant milestone the 50th year since the railway reopened to passenger operations as a preserved line.

To make 2018 a ‘double celebration’ year, the Ivatt tank, once a common site on our branch line in BR days, will again be back in steam. 41241 was one of the locomotives that pulled the KWVR line Re-opening Special back in 1968 and will take part in the 50th anniversary celebrations. Putting the Ivatt back into steam however comes at a cost, £200,000 and with a 2018 deadline this adds significant time pressure. The clock is ticking, work is already well underway and the bills are starting to come in.

41241 needs you!

Just two weeks ago the railway launched the first stage of a fundraising programme for 41241 – ‘Sponsor a Boiler Tube Appeal’ – to our membership. This appeal has had a great response from our membership and has raised £9,750 in sponsorship and donations, with Gift Aid worth adding an additional £1,500.

We have more than 54% of the boiler tubes now allocated to sponsor’s and there are only 5 of the large boiler tubes available.

This appeal is open to all who wish to see 41241 back in steam in her natural environment.

Follow the link to visit the 41241 Ivatt – Appeal for more details and to download the Ivatt Appeal sponsorship . But do not delay if you wish to be one of the Ivatt’s boiler tube sponsors. Complete the sponsorship form and send it with your donation cheque as soon as possible.

Best wishes from the 41241 Ivatt Appeal team.

Ivatt 41241 Boiler Tube Appeal

800x550 pixels

We are launching our 50th Anniversary Return to Steam appeal for the Ivatt tank locomotive, 41241, with an opportunity for you to sponsor individual replacement tubes in the engine’s boiler. This will be the first of many activities we are planning to raise the total funding required to get the Ivatt tank engine back into steam in time for the big anniversary celebrations in June 2018.

The boiler is at the heart of the process of converting heat from the burning of coal, into the steam pressure which drives the pistons and wheels of the locomotive.

We are now starting the work to replace each of the 12 large and 162 small steel tubes that run through the length of the boiler, carrying the hot air from the firebox and out to the chimney, but we urgently need funds to progress with this stage of the work.

Follow the link to visit the KWVR website for full details of how you can help!

Ivatt 2-6-2 41241 Overhaul Update

There has been considerable activity on 41241 in readiness for its return to steam in time for the 50th Anniversary in 2018 of the re-opening of the branch.

Noel Hartley, project leader for the Ivatt restoration, has sent in this report after visual recent activity of our iconic locomotive with the removal of the side tanks with the help of the recently restored Grafton steam crane. Continue reading

Ivatt 2-6-2 41241 – Extent of repairs required revealed

Whilst the Society await the full report from the Severn Valley Railway engineers, the Society’s in-house magazine, Push and Pull, has revealed the extent of the repairs required to return the locomotive to traffic in time for the 50th Anniversary of the re-opening of the branch, in 2018.

The anticipated extent of the work is as follows:

  • New inner copper firebox and other remedial boiler work.
  • New water tanks.
  • Re-profiling all tyres.
  • Overhaul of fittings.
  • New ashpan.
  • New set of springs.
  • Repair of drawbars.
  • Other small repairs plus ones as they arise.

The estimated cost is in the region £350,000 for which the Society is launching an appeal to bring this iconic locomotive back into steam in time.

Featured image: Colin Smith

Boiler lift for 41241

Last weekend saw a significant step in the restoration of LMS Ivatt 2-6-2 Tank 41241. As previously reported the iconic tank engine is being restored in time for the 50th Anniversary of the opening of the line in the preservation era. On Saturday 22nd February the following two images show the boiler being lifted from the frames so that a thorough inspection can be carried out to see the extent of the work required on the locomotive and its boiler.

41241 140222'441241-140222'5_1

Photos: James Horrell & Stuart Brown

Ivatt Tank 41241 overhaul progresses

Ivatt 2-6-2 tank 41241 was written into Worth Valley folklore when, with USA 0-6-0T 30072, it hauled the inaugural  service on the re-opened Worth Valley Railway on 29th June 1968 and 2018 will, therefore, hail the 50th Anniversary of the opening of the Railway. To celebrate this momentous year without 41241 would be unthinkable.  The engine was retired from service in January 2013 at the expiry of its 10 year boiler ticket but plans are afoot to have her back in service in time for the celebrations. 30072 sadly, will not be able to join in, side-lined some years ago, this engine is a long way down the restoration queue.

Continue reading

The Ideal Boxing Day

You have had your presents and the turkey is looking worst for wear. So what to do Boxing Day?

The Worth Valley Railway has the perfect way to pass the day. Come down to one of our stations and board a Worth Valley Mince Pie special steam train for a relaxing ride – the perfect way to spend Boxing day.

Click here for the Boxing day timetable.

Featured image: News@KWVR