Locomotive Roster Autumn Steam Spectacular 10th – 12th October

The line-up for the 3 days is as announced earlier.

West Country Pacific 34092 ‘City of Wells’
Midland Railway 4F 0-6-0 43924
LMS ‘Black 5’ 4-6-0 45305
WD 2-8-0  90733
USATC 2-8-0 5820
LNWR o-6-2T ‘Coal Tank’ 1054
0-6-0T 1704 ‘Nunlow’

All locomotives will operate everyday, except 5820 which is not rostered for action on Friday .

For the working timetable click HERE and for the timetabled passenger service, click HERE

Whilst every effort will made to ensure that the advised motive power is available, the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway reserve the right to change this when operational circumstances so dictate.

Autumn Steam Spectacular – Photo Event

Enthusiast Photo Events

As in past years the Railway will be holding a photographic event for enthusiasts where cameos will be performed involving engines selected from the Railway’s pool of available locomotives. Continue reading


Video – Bank Holiday ‘City of Wells’ & 45305

We are delighted to preview this excellent short video by SAY Film Productions of 34092 on the main service train and 45305 on ‘The Yorkshire Pullman’

Other images from the weekend can be seen opposite in the Gallery ‘Look Back at the August Bank Holiday’

Featured image: Robin Lush

Locomotive Roster for Mid-week 25th – 29th August and Weekend 30th & 31st August

With the usual suspects stopped for maintenance, 34092 ‘ City of Wells’ is the rostered loco for the mid-week service, the last Monday – Friday timetable of the summer and the last chance to take the open top bus tour around the area.

‘City of Wells’ will take a well earned rest over the weekend and WD 2-8-0 90733 will be out and about on Saturday (Green timetable) and Sunday (Blue timetable), when services, unusually, will be shared with LNWR 0-6-2 ‘Coal Tank’ 1054.

Featured image: Robin Lush

Whilst every effort will made to ensure that the advised motive power is available, the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway reserve the right to change this when operational circumstances so dictate.

October Events – Steam Spectacular

It is going to be a busy month on the Railway in October with three major events on the calendar. First up is the Autumn Steam Spectacular from the 10th to 12th October


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Locomotive Roster for Mid-week 18th – 22nd August and Weekend 23rd & 25th August

After the excitement of last weekend, MR 4F 0-6-0 43924 returns to haul the mid-week steam service.

Crowds should be back in force again over the Bank Holiday weekend when West Country Pacific 34092 ‘City of Wells’ will be in action over the three day holiday to be joined by LMS 5MT 4-6-0 45305 on Sunday and Monday. Saturday will be  the Green timetable and Sunday & Monday, the Blue timetable service.

Featured image: Neil Harvey

Whilst every effort will made to ensure that the advised motive power is available, the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway reserve the right to change this when operational circumstances so dictate.


First images of ‘City of Wells’ ‘ big day

The photographers were out in force yesterday to witness the return of BR Southern Region West Country Pacific 34092 ‘City of Wells’ after a 25 year absence. We are delighted to report that the newly restored locomotive attracted high passenger numbers to the Railway and we will be featuring more of the images taken across both days of operation during the week when all the photographers have returned to their lairs.

For the time being here is a selection of first photographs to be received and watch out for more later.

Running round and ready for the off at Keighley
The climb out of Keighley
34092 continues up the grade
At Mytholmes and the approaches to Oxenhope
Arrival at the terminus and time to run round
Running round and away down the branch for another round trip.

Featured image: John Sagar

Photographs: 1, 8, 10 Kevin Jagger: 2, 3, 7 James Horrell; 4-6 Richard Beckett; 9, 11, 12 John Sagar

‘Pines Express’ comes to the Worth Valley

43924&34092-140815'2-RLReminiscent of days gone by on the Somerset & Dorset Railway when 4Fs double headed with West Country Pacifics on heavy summer Saturday trains through the Mendips, 43924 was pilot engine today as 34092 had a trial run before going solo this weekend.

These two images show the combination leaving Oakworth this afternoon.

Featured image & photo: Robin Lush

Since publishing this we have received further photographs taken by ‘City of Wells’ team member, John Sagar. depicting Drivers Adams and Graham comparing notes at Keighley, chief engineer, ‘Jock’ Adams easing 34092 away from Haworth on the uphill run and then backing it down into the yard for coal for the weekend.


Waiting is over – SR Pacific 34092 ‘City of Wells’ to debut this Weekend 16th & 17th August

The railway is delighted to announce that this weekend ‘City of Wells’  will operate the Saturday Green steam service and the main Sunday Blue timetable service. Enthusiasts and the general public alike have shown a great interest in the return of this iconic locomotive and now the waiting is over. The Railway is looking forward to welcoming everybody to the Railway this weekend to come ride behind 34092 on this historic occasion.

1054-130707-CSBut don’t forget, that, in addition, Sunday sees the last of the Vintage Trains for this summer season, when National Trust locomotive, LNWR 0-6-2 ‘Coal Tank’ no. 1054, will again to be at the head of the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway’s Trust‘s restored historical carriages.

Featured image: John Sagar. Photo: Colin Smith

Whilst every effort will made to ensure that the advised motive power is available, the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway reserve the right to change this when operational circumstances so dictate.

‘City of Wells’ – the waiting will soon be over! – Part 3

News of 34092 is now coming thick and fast and it cannot be too long before the locomotive is at the head of its first revenue earning passenger train in 25 years. Hot on the heels of its light engine run on Wednesday, ‘City of Wells’ took the Valley by storm on Friday evening with  a loaded test run up the full length of the line with 5 coaches behind the tender.

The images and video tell the story – the wait really is now almost over.

34092 waits in Haworth loop for the 4F hauled service train. Having coupled on the front 34092 pilots 43924 on the final leg to Oxenhope, effectively making this its passenger turn in the new era.
Photos: Ian Dixon
Waiting to couple up to its train at Oxenhope and having completed it run down to Keighley waits next to the main line to run round and tackle the climb to Oxenhope
Photos: Trevor Gower & John Sagar
The locomotive runs round and now waits for the off.
Photos: left top & bottom and bottom right, John Sagar; top right, Trevor Gower
With the sun setting in the west, ‘City of Wells’ lifts its load from Platform 4 (left) and passes Damems Junction (right)
Photos: left, Trevor Gower; right, Ian Dixon
Arrival at Oxenhope, mission accomplished and the carriages are put away, ready for another day.
Photos: left, John Sagar; right, Trevor Gower

We are also delighted to feature a short video from Steaming Around Yorkshire Film Productions which brings home the thrill that ‘City of Wells’ will bring to many people – families and enthusiasts alike.

The final photograph has to go to three guys pictured here who have been mainly responsible for 34092’s return to action,
owners Graham Bentley and Richard Greenwood and Chief Engineer John ‘Jock’ Adams
Photo: John Sagar

Featured image photo: Ian Dixon

‘City of Wells’ – the waiting will soon be over! – Part 2

As the evening shadows closed in over Haworth station a small band of staff ‘clocking’ off for the day and some attending a Society meeting later that evening, were privileged yesterday to witness 34092 take its first tentative steps along the branch mainline. Not exactly the ‘Golden Arrow’, but a light engine movement down the branch to Oakworth and back – a small but significant step in its return to service.

Those present  either basked in the nostalgia of the occasion, having witnessed 34092’s exploits first time round, or looked in amazement, not having been born when the engine was last out on the branch.

Hopefully these photographs convey what is now just round the corner when, rather than light engine, ‘City of Wells’ pulls into Haworth with packed carriages behind the tender.

Steam being raised in Haworth Yard alongside LMS 5MT 45305. Steam raised, 34092 appears from under Bridgehouse Lane bridge with the evening sun reflecting off the polished paintwork and finally arrival, tender first, into Haworth Station.
Having eaten his ‘tea’ in the tranquillity of a deserted station, owner Richard Greenwood, becomes the first ‘passenger’ and the locomotive sets off down the branch and out of sight ….
…. to reappear some minutes later with a storming run up the grade.

The run showed up a few minor adjustments were needed before a second run was made as the evening shadows got longer.

The next step will be a loaded test run on the full length of the line, and then it is watch this space for the announcement of its first passenger turn in 25 years.

Photos: 2 & 3 Trevor Gower; all others News@KWVR

‘City of Wells’ – the waiting will soon be over!

We have probably published more photographs of West Country Pacific 34092 ‘City of Wells’ than any other engine, yet it has not turned a wheel in anger for over 25 years. But, as we have chronicled on a fairly regular basis, the time for the ‘Volcano’ is getting forever closer. Yet the finishing line has been, for a while now, quoted as “sometime soon”.

However with this latest report and photographs from 34092 aficionado John Sagar, we can confidently predict that indeed, ‘City of Wells’ will return to service in the very near future, and the waiting will be over.

A considerable amount of final adjustments were being made and tested on Friday 18th July as the following photographs from John testify.

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‘City of Wells’ – out in the open

Now fully painted and lined out with only varnishing to complete, this image from today is a first glimpse of the superbly painted West Country Pacific and hints that it is not too long before we will see the locomotive make moves out onto the  KWVR main line. The move was made to allow the newly painted S160 5820 to be with drawn from the shadows of Haworth Loco. Click here to see a short 30 second Facebook video of the move.

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‘City of Wells’ on the final lap

Having moved under her own power last Sunday, the completed locomotive has taken a step nearer to entering service with the application of the lining, numbers and British Railways early logo this week. In the third photograph, chief engineer ‘Jock’ Adams justifiably looks proud of the achievement as this long and thorough overhaul, gets ever nearer to completion.

34092 140320 Numbers34092 140320 Tender

Photo: Steve Harris


34092 – the first move Video

After the return to traffic of ‘Big Jim’, the sight and sound that everybody has been waiting for – 34092 ‘City of Wells’ moving under her own steam. This video shows proud owner Richard Greenwood at the controls. A pull on the whistle and ‘City of Wells’ is back on the move and ‘Big Jim’ joins in the scene as the 2 new locomotives exchange whistles.


Video: Peter Fletcher

‘City of Wells’ moves under its own power

After weeks of speculation as to when the West Country pacific would steam out of Haworth yard under its own power, the time came at precisely 5.35 on the last day of the Winter Steam Spectacular, sadly after most attendees had left the Railway and with the light fading, the restorers had finally completed their preparation and, with owner Richard Greenwood on the regulator, the locomotive moved slowly out of the yard and under the Bridgehouse Lane bridge, for the first time in over 25 years.

34092 Number transfersThere is still much to do before it enters regular service, but the end of this thorough restoration is now well and truly in sight. Earlier posts have shown the mirror like finish on the left hand side and the painting of the engine and tender should be completed during the coming week. The number transfers, as the illustration shows, are ready, just waiting for the day when lining out is complete. In addition the locomotive has now been weighed successfully.

Just to remind everybody what we have been missing and, therefore, what we can look forward to, the video below shows 34092 ‘City of Wells’ in her previous re-incarnation.

Video: acw71000. Featured image: Trevor Gower, Photo: John Sagar


1999 Reminiscences of 34092 ‘City of Wells’

As we all wait with bated breath for ‘City of Wells’ return to active service, the excellent video below, ‘Salisbury Steam Finale’, which will be of great interest to railway enthusiasts in general and followers of ‘City of Wells’ in particular, has recently been released into the public domain. This video was produced for Spa Films and records the memories of Tom Doel, fireman on a Southern Region special filmed trip with City of Wells being preceded wrong line by a diesel and observation coach filming the steam hauled ‘Atlantic Coast Express’.

34092 Salisbury Steam

Further progress on City of Wells

Hot on the heels of last weeks steaming of SR Pacific 34092 City of Wells, the fire was raised again this weekend for the testing of the locomotive’s safety valves ready for its steam test yesterday. Very evident was the advanced stage of painting. Whilst the left hand side was still in a pale green undercoat, the right side was resplendent in British Railways Brunswick green albeit without BR lining (although progress towards this was evident). The reflection of the crane opposite was clearly visible on the mirror-like surface of the air-smooth casing.

The advanced stage of the restoration is leading to much speculation among the enthusiast fraternity that the locomotive will be in steam at the weekend’s gala and, maybe, will move under her own power. The owners, however, are making no such noises, the engine will move when they are ready and not before. However movement did come a step closer as City of Wells successfully passed that steam test.

Featured image: News@KWVR. Photos: Philip Lawton (1) & John Sagar (3)

The ‘Volcano’ Stirs

Known as the Volcano in its mainline days in the ’80s for its awesome eruption of steam from the chimney, Southern Railway West Country Pacific 34092 City of Wells took a further step today in its long running return to action.

The first picture shows it under preparation yesterday and today the engine was brought up to pressure. Although given a steam test 0n 3rd March 2012, the second image shows the first time for raising steam since that date for further adjustments to be made.

Photos taken on the 8th and 9th February

Since ‘City of Wells’ last steamed a small band of volunteer workers, led by engineer John Adams, have steadily refurbished the locomotive. The work undertaken however has been substantial following its exploits out on the mainline when it took the national network, especially the Settle & Carlisle, by storm.

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