Bridge on the River Worth

Bridge on the River Worth, a Two Part Trilogy with James Barlow (Alec Guinness) as Lieutenant Colonel Nicholson

On 16th March 2020, our Civil Engineers embarked on probably the biggest civil engineering project in the history of the KWVR during the preservation era. The first instalment of our trilogy takes us through to Tuesday, March 24th March. The second instalment covers a time when the highlight of our unfinished bridge was the passage of the daily security walkers, so, in reality our trilogy is only in two parts, but a trilogy nonetheless.

Preparation work on some weekends is taking place between now and Friday 17th July and then on Saturday 18th July the beams will be lifted in place, followed by a two week possession to finish this mammoth task. With work starting again to ‘finish the job’, Chief Civil Engineer, James Barlow, takes up the story, a story he wasn’t expecting to write of a job handed to him when appointed to his new role – From the 16th March to the Imposition of Lockdown.

Click HERE to read the full story of Part 1 – From the 16th March to the Imposition of Lockdown.

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