Preparations for re-opening

While the railway was closed and there was no visible signs of work, not all was as it seemed. By now you must be wondering what the KWVR is doing to prepare for re-opening sometime in the not too distant future, a future, albeit a different one, not too far away.

Operations Manager, Noel Hatley takes up the story.

Well the answer, we’ve been doing quite a bit!

From tasks as simple as weed killing on the track to the more complex matter of keeping our steam loco boilers alive, we have had a steady number of essential tasks to do over the past few weeks.

We are working on plans to expand our activity over the next few weeks and re-commence work on our construction site near Ingrow where we are replacing a bridge.

If you live locally you may start to see engineering trains running within a week and we can assure you that we are taking all the necessary measures to protect our staff, volunteers and others they come into contact with – Safety is our highest priority.

As we are now beginning to run trains again at all sorts of times of the day, it is very important that you STAY OFF THE TRACKS. We have had a high level of trespass and it cannot be more clear how dangerous this is.

You can find more information on our plans at

3 comments on “Preparations for re-opening

  1. I cannot agree more. Fingers crossed for a return this season.
    Best wishes to all involved in the preparations for re-opening

  2. Now that Zoo’s, Safari Parks and Stately Homes can re-open, the same should apply to Preserved Railways.

    • Indeed!
      However, before we can turn a wheel on passenger trains we have a host of jobs to do and agree on many policies to return a safe railway for everyone.

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