KWVR – Re-opening Survey

It has been a long hard slog for our operations team who, since the Railway was locked down, have been working hard to plan our strategy for reopening. It is not just a case of opening the doors, firing up a steam locomotive, pull the carriages out of the sidings at Oxenhope, man the stations and set off down the line to Keighley – there is the obstacle of the replacement of Bridge 11 as one of hundreds of jobs that have to be completed to re-open the Railway. How we wish it was that simple!

However a plan is being implemented and very soon you will start to see some activity along the line – but the road to opening will be long so we beg your patience and follow our Social Media for news in the coming months when the Railway will be open to enjoy once again.

The safety and enjoyment of our visitors is absolutely paramount to us. We would like to know your opinions to ensure that, when not just Bridge 11 but all the essential jobs has been completed, we reopen a Railway that will give you, our passengers, an enjoyable, safe and stress-free experience.

We are asking you to take part in this short survey to ensure we understand how you are feeling about returning to the Worth Valley and our unique railway.

Thank you!

One comment on “KWVR – Re-opening Survey

  1. I will not be using any trains for several months until this pandemic subsides to a very low level.

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