Cancellation of Diesel Gala

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to create difficulties for the Railway and accordingly the planned Diesel Gala, due to take place 26th – 28th June has been cancelled. Despite recent Government announcements there is still a high level of uncertainty regarding the re-opening of the leisure and tourism sector and we are unable to say when we will be able to re-open, and when we do, what restrictions may apply to the trains we can operate.

Because we are still waiting for further government advice and instruction regarding when and how we can re-open we are unable to firm up plans for future events.

We find ourselves in difficult times. Costs have been reduced as much as possible, but there are still fixed overheads and contracts that we cannot avoid. As you are probably already aware we have launched a fundraising appeal, ‘Worth Saving’, to ensure the railway can continue to be enjoyed in the future. Securing our future is of the utmost importance to all our volunteers, our local area and the local economy and, indeed, the Diesel enthusiast

With so much uncertainty in 2020, we are already planning our events for 2021 when, hopefully, we can offer a bigger and better experience, not just for a rescheduled Diesel Gala but for all the events we are looking forward to staging in 2021.

To help us ensure the Diesel Gala is staged 2021 please, if you have not already done so, consider donating to the ‘Worth Saving’ Appeal.

We are sorry for any disappointment but thank all our supporters and visitors , in advance, for your continued support, and look forward to welcoming you to the Railway, hopefully in 2020, but, if not, 2021.    

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