‘Worth Saving’ Appeal – Friday Night is Quiz Night on the KWVR

The success of the quiz continues and we hope you will join us for another round of General Knowledge, Sport, Music and Film questions on Friday 22nd May. So far the quiz has raised over £1,000 but the more that join in the quicker we reach the next £1,000.

Let’s get playing and helping the KWVR ‘Worth Saving’ Appeal

The ‘Worth Saving’ Appeal continues to generate funds towards our target and now stands at just over £120,000, but there is a long way to go to reach the minimum £200,000 needed to keep preserved steam trains in the Worth Valley.

We know that these are troubled times and it is hard for everyone but without your donations the KWVR will not be able to operate steam trains in the Worth Valley, so, if you can, please donate and help us keep the wheels turning and bringing delight to all our passengers, young and not so young.

‘Worth Saving’ Appeal – 9.00pm Friday Night is Quiz Night


Click HERE to Register NOW for the 22nd May KWVR Friday Night, Quiz Night

So just a few points to mention.

  • Don’t be afraid, it’s general knowledge not railway specific  and you will not be asked questions like, “Our Ivatt tank 41241 hauled the opening day service in 1968, but what was the number of the other locomotive that hauled the service with it.?” (Answer: British Railways, 30072, numbered 72 on the day)
  • It’s £3 to join the quiz and there are cash prizes to the person in 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. “How much can I win?” The size of the ‘prize pot’ depends on the number of players, the more that play, the bigger the prizes.
  • If there’s a tie, the person who answered the questions the quickest will take top spot – simple?
  • The quiz will have three general knowledge rounds and three subject specific
  • You will need to register and buy your place in the quiz ahead of the 9.00 quiz time, then when the clock chimes NINE , you’re ready to go. To register to take part, just click on the link above.
    Tip: When buying your place, use ‘Proceed to checkout’.
  • Having purchased a place in the quiz, when it is time to play, go to ‘Player Login’ and your link to play is in the ‘Pending Quiz Events’

We are grateful for all the support we are receiving, but these remain difficult times, we are still looking at how we can stay in touch, raise much needed funds for the Railway and have a good time.

‘Worth Saving’ Appeal – 9.00pm Friday Night is Quiz Night

If you would like to make a donation to the ‘Worth Saving’ Appeal, just click HERE to go to the Donations page.


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