Steaming Around Yorkshire Supports the ‘Worth Saving’ Appeal

With the Railway closed, no steam action available and the Railway appealing for donations in a financially harsh and challenging environment, the SAY film production guys looked for a way they can help the KWVR survive in these difficult times.

With so many of us sat at home with only endless repeats to watch on our televisions, the SAY team came up with an offer that not only staves off the television boredom but brings you right to the heart of KWVR action at the same time contributing, in no small way, towards achieving our £200,000 ‘Worth Saving’ Appeal target. ALL PROFITS from the sale of their KWVR DVDs, bought through their online KWVR Shop, will go straight to the ‘WORTH SAVING’ APPEAL.

Every week we will feature up to 5 DVDs that, over the next 9 weeks, chart the best of action on the Worth Valley branchline, including the 50th Anniversary week gala and the visit of the ‘Flying Scotsman’ that brought thousands to the railway to see this iconic engine in action.

With the Railway closed and all our volunteers and staff not allowed on KWVR property, SAY will administer the orders and post them out to you. On their website they also have videos of other preserved railways, BUT only the profits of KWVR videos bought from KWVR Shop are included in this Appeal promotion.

This weeks ‘Worth Saving’ Appeal DVDs : 16th – 22nd May

Just click on the image below to go straight to the SAY – KWVR ONLINE SHOP

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