Virtual Locomotive Roster for Mid-Week 6th – 9th April & Good Friday 2020

The virtual weekend with ‘City of Wells’ was a great success in the Spring sunshine. Now we enter Easter fortnight with a whole week of virtual passenger trains. For the weekend we time-warped back to 2015. For the weekday running and Good Friday its back one more year, to 2014 when three locomotives share duties.

The weekday service is in the hands of 43924 and, after returning from overhaul, earlier in the year in a pseudo-BR black livery as 95820, Good Friday sees ‘Big Jim’ re-appear in its newly applied authentic grey USATC livery together with a miraculously overhauled WD 90733. And if that was not enough, the morning diesel service will see the railbus replaced by diesel locomotive haulage.

  • Monday 6th April – Thursday 9th April
    Virtual Steam service – Midland Railway Class 4F 0-6-0 43924
    Timetable – Virtually Pink Timetable
  • Good Friday 10th April:
    Virtual Steam service – USATC S160 2-8-0 5820
    Virtual Steam service – British Railways WD 2-8-0 90733
    Virtual Diesel service – British Railways Type 1, Class 20 BO – BO Diesel Electric No. 20 031
    Timetable – Virtually Blue Timetable.


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