Haworth Shed News – July 2019

We are now onto the third article of this series, bringing to you the latest news from inside the sheds at Haworth. This time the article is primarily based on the diesel fleet with also just a quick update on 41241, read on to find out more!

41241’s return to traffic after repairs, 20th July 2019.

Class 108 Diesel Multiple Unit

Work to bring the Class 108 DMU back to working order is continuing at a steady pace. The front compartment of the unit is now clear of seats and a large amount of the lino has been removed. As well as this, the luggage racks have been removed from the front compartment and a start was made on removing roof panels for replacement. A small step in the the overhaul, yet still vital.

Class 101 Diesel Multiple Unit

Two of the doors on this DMU have recently been repaired, this was to rectify a closing issue on one and a failed droplight on the other. The DMU was also recently used to show the Yorkshire in Bloom judges around the railway.

Waggon & Maschinenbau Diesel Railbus NO. M79964

Unfortunately, the diesel railbus missed the last winter season as it has been out of traffic for repairs, initially work was been carried out on areas of the flooring, now the main task it fixing the door back into place. Some steel chequer plate was cut for the gap between the door runner and the vehicle edge. Five fixing point brackets were fabricated and welded so the plate can be fixed into place.

Class 37 Diesel Electric No. 37 075

Recently the resident class 37 took a trip away from Haworth and was hauled by two other Class 37s from Colas Rail to Derby, this was to allow a bogie swap to take place. The locomotive has since returned to Haworth.

LMS Ivatt 2-6-2 Tank No. 41241

Since my last update 41241 has still not returned to traffic, however the locomotives repairs are now almost complete and hopefully the locomotive will be hauling trains up the valley again very soon.  The locomotive has received a new top feed after the old one was found to be cracked and needed replacing. A replacement top feed has been borrowed from our friends at the Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway and the Beet family, owners of tender version of 41241, LMS 2-6-0 No. 46641. Following this, the locomotive was then prepared so its annual exam could take place by the boiler inspector. The Ivatt returned to traffic on the weekend of the 20th July..

Thank you for taking time to read this post and look out for my next Haworth shed update

Joe Shaw

6 comments on “Haworth Shed News – July 2019

  1. 41241 did indeed return to service last Saturday hauling five coaches with ease. Not long after departing from Keighley at 12.30, 60163 headed through on the main line at 50 mph with ten coaches, followed shortly afterwards by 78022 arriving. I can’t think of any other station in Britain where that happens?

  2. Good work Joe , it’s always nice to get inside reports of work being carried out behind the scenes at the railway .

  3. Thank you to keep us informed of what happens around Haworth and Keighley. I do not think we will be able to visit the railway this year. Maybe next year, for the Spring Gala.
    Jean-Paul Masse (3103)

  4. Many thanks Joe for the very interesting inside view. Would it be possible to do something similar regarding the locos etc both undergoing overhaul and waiting in the queue?

    • Good afternoon Graham. Joe is a member of our Young Person’s Group and gathers information from those who he can speak to when he is on the Railway and undertaking other duties. The amount he can comment on is therefore limited to who he can get hold of on the days of his visit. However I have tasked him with getting info on 957 and I think progress on 90733 should be in his next report. For a young chap who has only just taken his GCSEs I think he does remarkably well. I’ll take on board your request regarding those in the queue, but, as you can imagine there is little to report. Thank you for your interest and I’ll pass this on to him. Philip Lawton, Website Manager

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