Tracks Through Our Times

Here on the KWVR we are looking at the Railway’s rich past both in the preservation era and under British Railways and London Midland & Scottish Railways ownership.

Debbie Cross, the Railway’s Heritage Manager, is currently in the process of gathering material for a heritage project called ‘Tracks Through Our Times’, looking at the experiences of those using or working on the Railway prior to closure or those involved in the early years of the preservation movement.

Whether you are, or were, a local resident who used the line before the closure or volunteered in the early days when the line was being saved, we would like to hear from you. Debbie would like to interview people who have stories they would like to share of their experiences.

Already a request was put out through the Keighley News for the local community to come forward with their stories of travelling on the railway for work and leisure pre- and post preservation.

If you were a part of the early preservation team or have stories about some of the major milestones that make the railway what it is today, she would love to hear from you. These stories will be used across the railway within our future exhibitions, on our website and as an educational resource. We may even turn some of them into songs!

If you would like to volunteer to be interviewed, then please get in touch with Debbie by email –

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