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If you have visited the KWVR and travelled along the Worth Valley, I am sure you will have encountered at least one of our young volunteers. One of those volunteers, 15 years old Joe Shaw, has joined the website team and, with a fair wind and school work permitting, Joe will be bringing news of what is happening in Haworth Shed and, hopefully in due course, other areas of the Railway. Those who follow Haworth Shed on Facebook, may well recognise some of the content, and thanks must go to the volunteers there for keeping us posted on what is happening to keep the wheels turning.

This article is the first of what we hope will be a regular feature of News@KWVR. We’ll let Joe take up the story ……

The KWVR has nearly 20 operational diesel and steam locomotives, to keep the wheels turning on all of these locomotives, without a doubt, is a challenge. However, fortunately at the KWVR, there is a team of hardworking, enthusiastic volunteers who work day and, sometimes, night to ensure that these locomotives are well maintained and are able to haul trains up and down the valley.



Class 101 Diesel Multiple Unit

The class 101 DMU is something the KWVR really would struggle without! This Diesel Multiple Unit is most likely one of the most used KWVR residents, sometimes it can be used up to 3 times each week. Throughout the Santa Special season, the DMU provides the passenger services whilst a steam locomotive is responsible for pulling the Santa Train. To ensure it was ready for these intense few weeks of working a selection of jobs were carried out, these included changing 8 worn break blocks, cleaning out a blocked gutter and repairing one of the heaters. These were all successfully completed with the unit ready for the Santa season!

LMS Class 8F 2-8-0 No. 48431

When locomotives are out of traffic awaiting their turn in the overhaul queue they spend their time inside the exhibition shed at Oxenhope. However early in January 2019 48431 was pulled out of the shed at Oxenhope and taken down to Haworth. This was to allow the tender tank, that was with the locomotive, to be removed and a tank in better condition, ex 45596 ‘Bahamas’, to be installed. First of all the tender and engine were split apart, to allow the tank to be removed, numerous reusable parts were removed, including steps, tank vents and filter necks. As you can see in the pictures below, two large holes have been cut to allow volunteers to get in to the tender and remove any parts on the inside necessary. Then parts of the tank were cut into separate section,  by the end of the day  half of the tank had been cut! The engine of 48431 has returned into the exhibition shed at Oxenhope however you will clearly notice it is minus its tender, this remains at Haworth where work is ongoing. The series of images below shows you how much work has been carried out on the tender.

WD 2-8-0 No. 90733

WD 2-8-0 no. 90733 was withdrawn from service at the end of 2017. After just over a year, the overhaul of this locomotive is now well underway. At the beginning of February the boiler was lifted out of its frames and onto a well wagon. Preparation is now ongoing to prepare the boiler for going off site for work to be carried out. It is safe to say that the overhaul of this locomotive is progressing well.

Class 20 Diesel Electric No. 20 031

The KWVR is home to 3 mainline diesel locomotives, one of which is a class 20 (20031). During the monthly ‘big diesel working day’ in February 2019, 20031 received an oil and filter change, fuel filter change and a body side filter change. All vital jobs ticked off the list to keep the wheels turning on this locomotive.

Class S160 2-8-0 No. 5820

Many of you will have noticed that the resident S160 no. 5820 had been absent from traffic for over 4 months prior to the annual Spring Steam Gala whilst cracked tubes were repaired. Following the completion of these repairs a steam test needs to take place. Before having this, the smoke box front needed to be bolted back into position. However, in order for this to happen, the air pump had to be removed before the smoke box could be lifted back into place. Following the steam test a few air leaks were found on the air pump pipe work, these were quickly rectified allowing the S160 to return to traffic on the Sunday of the 2019 Spring Steam Gala.

In just a few months, the amount the Haworth Shed team do is fantastic and this is just a small snapshot of the vast amount of work that is achieved.

This department, along with any other department across the railway, is always looking for new volunteers. If you are interested, simply head over to our volunteering page on the KWVR website for further information or email the railway’s volunteer liaison officer at to learn more on how you can volunteer on the KWVR.

3 comments on “News from Haworth Sheds

  1. Hi Joe – I help out with Shed Tours so this information is really helpful for me – thank you. Richard

  2. The tender from Bahamas is from an 8F and was built in 1944 the same year as 48431, so it does seem a very appropriate swop? Nice to hear the progress on 90733 and that 75078 is running again.

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