Beer & Music Festival Transport Announcement

Late transport available from Keighley to Leeds on Saturday, 20th October at 2030, 2130 and 2230 despite Northern rail strike

Some weeks ago the RMT union announced a total of 12 days of planned strikes on consecutive Saturdays, including the Saturday of our Beer & Music Festival, 20 October which will impact on their services to and from Keighley. This Saturday, 20 October, Northern will be operating a reduced timetable with very few trains running before 9am and after 6pm.

Northern has released the its train timetable for the Leeds / Bradford to Skipton service (calling at Keighley) and visitors to the Festival should have little difficulty arriving by rail to enjoy one of the North’s best Beer & Music Festivals. For the timetable in operation, click HERE.

However the difficulty arises when returning home with the last trains to Leeds at 19.01 and 20.55, Bradford at 16.18 and Skipton at 18.21 and 19.23.

BUT do not despair, in the true spirit of the KWVR, where we do everything we can to ensure our visitors have a good time, revellers travelling in the Leeds direction will benefit from an express coach service from Keighley, provided by the KWVR, to Bingley, Shipley and Leeds railway stations. These coaches will depart from Keighley Station concourse at 20:30 and 22:30.

Although these coaches will be provided free of charge by the KWVR, I am sure you will understand that we will be very happy to receive donations which will be gratefully welcomed on the night.

In addition at 21:30 hrs (approx. – exact time will be published when known) there will be additional train service from Keighley to Shipley and Leeds ONLY – With kind support from London North Eastern Railway. Please note that standard national rail tickets will be required on this service.

Saturday 2oth October Bus Times From Keighley Bus Station

Keighley – Bingley, Shiply & Leeds (Every half an hour until 17:15 and every hour after that. Last bus 22:10) To view the timetable, click HERE

Keighley – Bingley and Bradford (Every 10mins until 18:10 then every 15 mins until 18:55. After that every 30 mins until 22:55. The last bus is 23:25. To view the timetable, click HERE

Keighley – Skipton (Every 30 mins until 19:10. Every hour from 20:00. Last bus is 23:00. To view the timetable, click HERE

2 comments on “Beer & Music Festival Transport Announcement

  1. There are also service buses to Crossflatts, Bingley, Saltaire & Bradford (The Shuttle 662) at 18:55 and every 30 mins to 23:25.

    Plus service buses to Crossflatts, Bingley, Saltaire, Shipley & Leeds (AireLine 60) at 18:10 and hourly to 22:10.

    We should offer our clients all the public transport opportunities.

    Graham Mitchell K&WVR V-P.

    • Hi, Graham
      You are of course right, and the website has links to bus services. With the clock ticking, and me on my way out, we felt it important to get a message out there asap.

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