50th Anniversary Gala Update

We are delighted to announce a further visiting steam locomotives, one returning home and an additional mainline diesel for the 8 day Gala.

Southern Railway ‘West Country’ Pacific 34092 ‘City of Wells’

We’re delighted to share with you the news that 34092 ‘City of Wells’ will return this Summer – for our 50th Anniversary in June. Thanks go to the current owners, life long and KWVR founding Members, who have made the Loco available for the last time under their ownership.

Although based on the KWVR since being rescued from Barry scrapyard in the 1970s ‘City of Wells’ was never a suitable locomotive for a short, steep 5 mile branch line. Having been marooned at Bury due to bridge problems in Keighley, the ELR were able to make greater use of the locomotive whilst in their care, than would be the case on the KWVR. The private owners of the locomotive made the decision to pass this superbly restored ex-Southern Pacific onto new owners and, as the ELR is more suited to it, are in the process of selling ‘City of Wells’ to the East Lancashire Railway at Bury.

It is with great pleasure therefore that we welcome 34092 to its spiritual home for one last time in the original owners care.

LMS Class 5MT ‘Black 5’ 4-6-0 45212

Returning for the first time since it returned to traffic in 2017, the KWVR’s very own ‘Black 5’, 45212, is making a brief appearance in between mainline duties. As part of the agreement with Ian Riley Engineering to restore 45212 to mainline condition, the KWVR had use of the locomotive, or another member of the class, at various time during the year. Ian Riley’s sister locomotive 44871, spent few months over the Christmas period in lieu of 45212.

45212 was one of the first locomotives to arrive on the line after re-opening, being purchased straight out of service when steam traction ceased on British Railways, having had the distinction of heading the final steam hauled revenue earning service on August 4th 1968.

Class 50 English Electric Type 4 50 035 ‘Ark Royal’

Class 50, 50 035 Ark Royal, has been confirmed as attending our 50th Anniversary courtesy of our friends at ‘The Class 50 Alliance Ltd”.

The class were initially introduced for services north of Crewe, prior to electrification of the Crewe – Glasgow section of the West Coast main line. As 45212 was being withdrawn, D435 (as initially numbered) was being released into traffic from the Vulcan Foundry in Newton-le-Willows. In the re-numbering system of the 1970s D435 became 50 035 in 1974 and was named ‘Ark Royal’ in 1978,

Withdrawn in 1990, 50 035 was purchased by the 50 Fund. Based on the Severn Valley Railway, it is now owned by the ‘Class 50 Alliance’, an amalgamation between the 50 Fund and Project Defiance. The group now owns 4 members of the class.

50 035 was the first Class 50 to be preserved and the Class is also celebrating their 50th Anniversary this year. This is the locomotives first visit to the Railway and will feature on Saurday 30th June and Sunday 1st July as part of our 50th Anniversary Mixed traffic and Diesel Days.


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