Booking for Spring Gala Goods Train Brake Van Rides

Last week we announced that visitors to the Spring Gala starting Friday 9th March, will, for the very first time, have the opportunity to travel on the Goods Train from Keighley to Oxenhope behind one of our locomotives at the Gala.

These trips are hauled by visiting 7F 53808 on Friday and Sunday, with home based S160 5820 hauling a train that it was designed for on Saturday. 70013 Oliver Cromwell is booked to work the Sunday evening trip (Please note that this is a one way evening trip, no return, so we would advise parking at Oxenhope).

The price is £40 per person with numbers strictly limited. Price includes your Rover Ticket that allows unlimited all day travel and Rail Story entry. Booking is in advance online.

To book your place in the Goods Train Brake Van, book online HERE>>>

Terms & Conditions Apply.

Please note that locomotives are subject to change. Brake Vans are not as comfortable as passenger carrying vehicles and can jolt. You must be medically fit, free of any health problems that could be affected by the rougher nature of the vehicle. You will be asked to sign an indemnity form by the host on arrival who will give you instructions for the trip.

Over 16s only.

Dark clothing should be worn, no high visibility vests.

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