Mixed Traffic and Diesel Days for 50th Anniversary Celebrations

Saturday 30th June

The Railway has never just been about steam locomotives. In the late 1950s even before the Railway was closed, class 108 Diesel Multiple Units were often seen on the line. The Railway is also proud to host many ex shunting locomotives, as well as prototype D0226 and class 20, 25 and 37 diesels alongside our impressive collection of steam locomotives.This day will feature both steam and diesel trains and should be something for everyone with some late evening running and an early start!

Sunday 1st July

Just as day turns to night, steam on BR made rapid switch to diesel power. The KWVR was one of the first Heritage Railways to host a ‘Modern Traction’ Event – which then became ‘Diesel Galas’.

In 1988 the first ever event featured class 55 Deltics and Hydraulic locomotives, in the shape of a class 35 Hymek and 52 Western. Our plan is to recreate some of those type of locomotives that ran in 1988.

Class 55 ‘Deltic’ no. 55 019 ‘Royal Highland Fusilier’

We are delighted to announce that the Deltic Preservation Society’s Class 55 ‘Deltic’ 55 019 ‘Royal Highland Fusilier” will be in visiting the Railway over the weekend and will operate some trains on both June 30th and July 1st.

As well as being our 50th Anniversary, 2018 marks 30 years since the KWVR held its first diesel gala. In 1988, we also had a ‘Deltic presence in the form of 55 015 ‘Tulyar’ and 55 016 ‘Gordon Highlander’.

2018 is such a big year for us. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and Website for more announcements over the coming week.

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