6 comments on “50th Anniversary Gala

  1. Im gonna sort out my membership to the railway before this year is out as next year im planning to help out at the railway at Haworth aswell as Ingrow, there’s only a certain number of times you can help out during a big 50th anniversary celebration and im certainly gonna help the KWVR when it comes to this Anniversary.

      • I Did get membership in 2016 as I gonna start then at Haworth but after loosing my car I had to abandon that plan and I never renewed as wanted to wait and get the car sorted first but before 2017 is out im gonna sort my membership out, i’ll see someone in-charge at Haworth hopefully in Jan 2018 and then once that’s sorted start in the shed.

  2. Hopefully 45212 and 45596 will be running main line by then, so, perhaps, scope for them to bring steam trips to Keighley as well as from KWVR – something that happened several times in the early years, including visits by Flying Scotsman?.

  3. Anyone considered a reunion of working and ex-working members from the last 50 years? Perhaps a special evening train.

    • Good morning, Keith. There are many proposals on the table. As you can imagine such a momentous occasion has to commemorate many aspects of the Railway and those who have supported it over those 50 years (plus). Your suggestion, I am pleased to say, is one that is firmly on the table, but, should it be adopted, just in what form it will take will be decided in the coming months.

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