Locomotive Allocation for Flying Scotsman Week

After all the planning, hours of midnight oil burning and the odd heart flutter, the long awaited arrival of ‘Flying Scotsman’ is only a few hours away.

With 2 steam locomotives and the diesel multiple unit operating all day over the weekend plus 3 locomotives in steam from Monday right through to the following Sunday, these are exciting times indeed. 60103 arrives on Wednesday 29th March and the first excursion from Oxenhope for many years takes place on Friday, when Flying Scotsman leaves Oxenhope at 08.30 for Carlisle.

Locomotive allocation 1st – 9th April

1st & 2nd April
Steam: WD 2-8-0 90733 & BR Standard Class 4MT 4-6-0 75078
Diesel: Class 101 diesel multiple unit on Keighley – Ingrow Shuttle

3rd – 7th April
Steam: BR (LNER ) A3 4-6-2 60103 Flying Scotsman (Oxenhope end) plus WD 2-8-0 90733 (Keighley end) and MR 4F 0-6-0 43924 on the ‘relief’ set

9th & 10th April
Steam: BR (LNER ) A3 4-6-2 60103 Flying Scotsman (Oxenhope end) plus WD 2-8-0 90733 (Keighley end) and BR Standard Class 4MT 4-6-0 75078 on the ‘relief’ set

Steam Line-Up 1st – 9th April


3rd – 9th April
Diesel: There are no diesel services during this time

Passenger Train Banking

Under normal operating conditions the banking of passenger trains by a steam locomotive is not permitted. In the past when passenger services have been top and tailed by a steam engine the “banking” engine is towed and gives no assistance. As most will know, Flying Scotsman is not an ideal engine for a twisting 5 mile branchline with severe gradients on tight curves and tight turnouts.

Some have asked questions about the easing of the branch axle loading to allow ‘Scotsman’ to operate on the line. 60103 exceeds the permitted axle load for the KWVR and is not permitted to pass over a curve of less than 6 chains radius. Its operation has been authorised subject to a number of special restrictions, in particular, 60103 will be limited to 20 mph and must not slip when passing over 4 of our bridges as slipping may damage the bridges in question.

To minimise the risk of slipping the train, which will consist of 8 coaches (including 2 Pullman coaches), will be banked in the rear by our own locomotive and should result in some spectacular departures from Keighley.

Working hard, 90733 gives rear assistance , non-stop through Ingrow. Banking trial 4th February, 90733 gives rear assistance non-stop through Ingrow.

Lineside Photography

On the 31st March for the departure of the railtour and for the normal steam hauled services on the 1st & 2nd April, photographers wishing to photograph from the lineside must carry a valid KWVR Photo Permit AND their KWVR membership card.

During 60103’s week of operation on the branch, 3rd – 9th April only those carrying their Annual Photo Permit, Flying Scotsman letter of authorisation AND wearing the special Flying Scotsman Hi-Viz vest will be allowed trackside.

Normal access restrictions as detailed in the Photographer’s Personal Safety Handbook will apply but there will be strict policing of the lineside during the period 31st March – 9th April and anyone NOT carrying ALL the necessary documentation will be evicted from the Railway’s land.

In addition we ask in particular that all permit-holders and members of the public respect our land boundaries and do not trespass on any private land.   If you do have permission from land owners to take photographs from their land, then we would recommend having written authority from them with you to avoid being challenged during the event.

We ask that you assist us during the event by alerting a member of Railway staff or, once you are in a position of safety, by calling the office on 01535 645214 if you see anyone not wearing the special clothing and/or trespassing on private land.

5 comments on “Locomotive Allocation for Flying Scotsman Week

  1. That would be nice – better send a search party. Sometimes truth can be stranger than fiction. Now what was it that ate the plans?

  2. More connections: As CME for the Great Northern from 1911 he was in charge of both the locos and coaches working into Keighley from Bradford and Halifax on the GN line. An A3 once worked on this line as far as the tunnel leading into the Worth Valley (part of testing for a Channel Tunnel in 1958!), and A3s worked through Keighley on a daily basis on the main line for a short period around 1960/61.

  3. Should be a great occasion and gain some well-deserved good publicity. It’s worth bearing in mind that Sir Nigel Gresley started his career at Crewe in the early 1890s at a time when Coal Tanks were being built (1054 was built in 1888). He moved to the L&Y in the carriage side, so may have come across our older L&Y coaches, then to the GN where he may have seen the two GN coaches in the VCT collection!

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