Volunteer Vacancies

The recent restructuring of the Operating Company of the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway, a new department has been created to manage all the infrastructure on the Railway.

In addition to the civil engineering teams we are looking to recruit a tradespeople team of volunteers for the maintenance of our buildings, mainly stations. Listed below are the trades which this new team would, from time to time, be called upon. You don not have to fully trained in your chosen trade as we would emphasise that anyone with good DIY skills in these areas would also be very welcome.

♦  Builders
♦  Bricklayers
♦  Carpenters
♦  Joiners
♦  Drainage
♦  Electricians
♦  Plasterers
♦  Plumbers
♦  Painters & Decorators
♦  Roofers
♦  Stoneworker & Stonemasons
♦  Tilers
♦  Glazers

Signal & Telegraph Team

Main line railways are not alone in having challenges for controlling an ever-increasing growth in traffic. The Keighley and Worth Valley Railway has signalling systems to maintain and projects waiting to be developed. Just like the ‘big’ railway, the KWVR has to conform to strict signalling rules demanding safe systems of operation and control.

Like all other departments of the Railway, we are looking to recruit volunteers for our Infrastructure S&T Team. This would be of interest to trained Engineers and Technicians who would like to be involved in an ‘older’ method of operation, experience how it used to be done or for some people an opportunity to rekindle their former experience in this important skill. For more information Read more >>>

If you are interested in joining the Infrastructure Team and work alongside like minded people (enjoy good banter and drink copious quantities of tea) we would be very interested to hear from you.

Please contact Chris Jowett at chris.jowett@kwvr.co.uk for further information.

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