Ivatt Restoration Update

The Society’s in-house magazine Push & Pull publishes an update on the restoration of Ivatt 2-6-2T 41241 every quarter. Since publication of the Winter 2016/17 edition, progress has continued apace with a view to completion in time for the Re-opening Anniversary celebrations in June  2018. Here Callum Porter and James Horrell of the Ivatt Team document and illustrate the continued restoration up to the end of January 2017.

Ivatt Restoration Update: Text and images by James Horrell and Callum Porter

The loco went up into the rafters on the 25th of November for a routine axle box check. This was expected to show the boxes in a good condition as the locomotive’s mileage was very low. Unfortunately the boxes were found to have some minor damage to the white metal faces on the crowns. The leading and trailing axel box sets were restored with a little white metal ‘puddling’ session, and scraped in to suit the journals. These two wheels sets were replaced under the engine on the Saturday (26th)! A top team effort.

Following the above, the work on the driving axle boxes has been completed and the driving wheels set replaced in place on the 17th of December. Work has continued on the bottom end, including refitting of the sanding gear, brake rigging, steam heat pipework, buffers and axle box dust shields and covers.

During January the Ivatt team have made quite visible strides forward in the rebuilding of the 41241.

Since the last report focus moved to readying the locomotive’s tanks for going back on with patch work being done on one tank and some small repair jobs, including the repair and replacement of some internal baffles. The photographs show that the access ‘hatch’ to the tanks limits the size of individual that can squeeze inside. Thankfully the department does possess one such individual and he has had the onerous task of scrabbling around inside with a grinder cutting the old parts out and replacing them.

Both tanks received a good wash out to remove years of built up scale from the inside. The washing out was done using a high pressure hose and some metal rods to help clear the accumulated scale out of the tanks. The rear of the LH tank was flatted off and undercoated and will be glossed before the tank is really fitted as the reverser stand sits in the way of it.

Other work has included the overhaul of the Sieve boxes, including cleaning, stripping and painting. The shut off faces were found to be quite pitted and beyond use so the opportunity was taken to skim them up to make the shutoffs useable. Both Sieve boxes are now finished and glossed!

The front drawbar has been returned from Keighley Laboratories after straightening, normalising and testing. This was then painted and refitted.

As so all was ready for the refitting of the tanks during the last weekend in January. An early start and a couple of hours later the tanks are back on 41241. Moved back inside the shed, a start has been made on the pipe work and other jobs can now proceed. The cab side bolts have been fitted and the injector feed pipework started.

5 comments on “Ivatt Restoration Update

  1. I very much support what Graham says about the value of updating us on the progress of 41241, and helping us to appreciate what is involved. I guess that we are approaching the 50th anniversary of 41241 arriving on the railway?

  2. Splendid news and great photos to help understanding of some of the technical expressions used for me as a keen supporter with only moderate mechanical experience.Good balanced article for novices and engineers.Well done in the shed and on the web! Graham

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