‘Flying Scotsman’ – Lineside Photo Permits


During the visit of ‘Flying Scotsman’, for those with Lineside Photographic Permits who choose to use them during the week of the locomotive’s visit, we will be charging a one-off fee, to cover the cost of special Hi-Viz vests, which will assist us with policing line-side access during the week of the visit.

The fee of £25 that we are charging photo permit holders will cover the cost of the Hi-Viz as well as make a contribution toward the cost of the event, whilst allowing our photo permit holders to capture from the lineside what we hope will become a very special event in the Preservation Society’s history. Please do note that anyone who is line-side without the special Hi-Viz AND their K&WVR photo permit will be removed. The special permit and special clothing will be valid for the entire period of Flying Scotsman’s visit and is non-transferable.

Applications for ‘Flying Scotsman’ Lineside Photographic Permits are now being accepted in our office at Haworth from existing KWVRPS members. Depending on the current status of your Membership / Lineside Photographic Permit the procedures are slightly different and accordingly the deadlines for applications vary:

♦ Current Members – valid Photo Permit: Deadline to apply Sunday 12th March 2017
♦ Current Members – expired Photo Permit: Deadline to apply Sunday 5th March 2017
♦ Current Members – new Photo Permit: Deadline to apply Sunday 12th February 2017
♦ Expired Members – valid Photo Permit: Deadline to apply Sunday 12th March 2017

Please look at this PDF for answers to some of the questions you may have about applying for the ‘Flying Scotsman’ permit, click HERE >>>.

Strict policing of the lineside will be in evidence for the week and in addition we ask in particular that all permit-holders and members of the public respect our land boundaries and do not trespass on any private land. If you do have permission from land owners to take photographs from their land, then we would recommend having written authority from them with you to avoid being challenged during the event.

We ask that you assist us during the event by alerting a member of Railway staff or, once you are in a position of safety, by calling the office on 01535 645214 if you see anyone not wearing the special clothing and/or trespassing on private land.

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