Flying Scotsman Photographic Permits

Some photo permit holders received a note with their renewal notices to alert them to there being special arrangements during ‘Flying Scotsman’s’ visit. Once the visit was confirmed, our priority was to get the booking system up and running, but with some permit holder’s renewals being issued around the time of confirmation of the visit, we chose to send the holding note with the renewal rather than say nothing at that time.

Having had time to consider arrangements, we can confirm that we have taken the decision to ask all members for an additional contribution during ‘Flying Scotsman’s’ visit to ensure that we recoup the not insignificant costs of the event.  Therefore, for those with photo permits who choose to use them during the week of the visit, we will be charging a one-off fee.

This contribution will cover the cost of special Hi-Viz vests, which will assist us with policing line-side access during the week of the visit. Due to the potential numbers visiting we did consider withdrawing passes altogether to help avoid any issues with managing line-side access. However we have been able avoid to this by issuing special vests, supported by plans for strict policing of access during the week. Of course, if there are any problems we reserve the right to withdraw such access, but hope that such action will not be required.


We ask in particular that all permit-holders respect our land boundaries and do not trespass on any private land. If you do have permission from land owners to take photographs from their land, then we would recommend having written authority from them with you to avoid being challenged during the event. We ask that you assist us during the event by alerting a member of Railway staff or, once you are in a position of safety, by calling the office on 01535 645214 if you see anyone not wearing the special clothing and/or trespassing on private land.

The fee of £25 that we are charging photo permit holders will cover the cost of the Hi-Viz as well as make a contribution toward the cost of the event, whilst allowing our photo permit holders to capture what we hope will become a very special event in the Preservation Society’s history.

Applications for the special access photo permit and vest can be made to the Administration Office at Haworth.

Please do note that anyone who is line-side without the special Hi-Viz AND their K&WVR photo permit will be removed. The special permit and special clothing will be valid for the entire period of Flying Scotsman’s visit and is non-transferable.

12 comments on “Flying Scotsman Photographic Permits

  1. On the whole, I agree with the comments made by Kevin Truby. Whatever the railway’s intentions, this scheme will be seen by many as an attempt to take its supporters for a ride (pardon the pun). As a result, there will be those who will vote with their feet and when all of the Scotsman furore has passed, the Railway might be better off in terms of the revenue it has raised from the event overall, but poorer in terms of the goodwill it might have generated from its core supporters. I don’t expect the KWVR to change the decision it has made on this, but I think the decision will prove to be a bad one, all things considered. Needless to say I won’t be paying the extra to buy the vest and will take much longer in the future in thinking how I support the railway going forward. Sorry KWVR, but this a bitter taste in the mouth.

  2. seems a great idea in theory, and i understand totally from a security & safety point that something needs to be done. But surely this will be very hard to police, you will probably find many people will not take any notice of these rules to save some money & they can buy Hi Vis from just few pounds online, some of these trains enthusiasts seem to take extreme & unsafe measures to get their photos 😦 Also you dont have the power of authority to move people off private land thus totally pointless exercise i am afraid.

    • Indeed it will not be the easiest of events to police but we could not just allow free access as there will potentially be huge numbers looking to photograph the loco from any angle possible. As for the Hi-Vis, this will be a special hi-viz for the event, not available through any other channel to make those not entering into the spirit of the event easily identifiable.
      With regard to your last point, this is often debated but we can assure you that we do have the power to evict trespassers from our property and which carries a maximum fine of £1,000. In addition because of the large numbers expected there will a higher than usual police presence who can be called upon in the most serious of cases.

  3. Anyone close enough to get clothing caught on a passing train is not behaving correctly nor supervised properly. All line side personnell should be at least six feet away from any passing train!

  4. I am very disappointed this decision to charge another fee for a special photo permit whilst flying Scotsman is visiting will ultimately lead to a financial backlash from members who have supported the railway for a number of years previously.
    Current holders of photo permits had to take a test to make sure they were deemed competent to be line side and they were then issued with a permit for a full 12 months! Now due to the flying money pit visiting they expect permit holders to be fleeced for another £25.
    I think all the previous goodwill gained will be very quickly lost but for each individual it will be a personal decision on whether to pay up or stay away!
    I think the railway is trying to fleece its own members by getting members to help subsidise the locos visit.
    Think I will give it a miss- sorry rant over.

    • I can assure you Kevin that this is no attempt to “fleece” our own members. It was not a decision easily reached and without enforcing some form of control the probable numbers lineside could have led to a potential dangerous situation. Experience of other railways has indicated that the additional crowds expected need to be controlled and will require extra policing, especially those seeking to be lineside where the dangers are all too apparent. The costs of this activity has to be recouped. We are sorry that you feel the cost is extravagant but the costs of putting on this event are high by any standards.

  5. I think that is shocking, tbh. I can see why you’ve done it, but at that cost???

    As a Network Rail PTS trained member of staff I saw many things, at the Autumn gala, that made my blood boil and brain ache with utter disbelief. We get a booklet outlining where and where not to go, yet this seems to be blatantly ignored by some (then when reporting it to a member of staff, I was told there is nothing they can do). Why should it only be for FS’ visit…?

    I’d buy into it, for the FS visit, but only if the HiVis provided is one with poppers for emergency release, if caught on a passing train.


    • The reason’s why the Railway has made this decision are clearly stated but we do take your observations seriously and these will be passed on to the safety team. With regard to the type of Hi-Viz vest I will pass on your comment to the Operations Manager who is organising this.

    • I was actually starting to take this comment seriously until I read the last paragraph. Thanks for giving me a laugh this morning anyway.

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