New Better Value Fares for 2017

The KWVR is pleased to announce our 2017 fares which will continue to offer great value, and introduce some attractive changes!

  • Rover fares for Adults, Concessions and Children, offering excellent value unlimited all day travel and museum entry will remain at 2016 prices.
  • Full Line Return fares for Adults, Concessions and Children will remain at 2016 prices.

New for 2017:

Small Family Rover

The Family Rover ticket used to only offer a saving if the family group consisted of 2 Adults and 2 or more Children. Recognising that many people do not visit us in large groups, we have withdrawn this ticket and replaced it with a new “Small Family Rover”.
The new “Small Family Rover” is for 1 Adult and 1 Child travelling together and is priced at £20. This saves £4 on buying individual tickets, but by combining this ticket with extra individual tickets there are new attractive savings for family groups of varying sizes.

  • 2 Adults and 1 Child can now buy 1 Small Family and 1 Adult Rover, paying £36, saving £4 on 2016 prices.
  • Families of 2 Adults and 2 Children buy 2 Small Family tickets, paying £40, which is no increase on 2016 prices. A Small Family Rover is only £3.50 more than buying 1 Adult and 1 Child Full Line Return, so why not upgrade on your next visit and enjoy unlimited travel AND museum entry?

Improved KWVRPS Members Rates

Members of the KWVRPS can now enjoy cheaper prices once they have used their allocation of free tickets. New fares have been introduced for Concession (Senior) members and Child members which means that, when not using a free ticket from their entitlement, members now pay half of the normal full price ticket in the same category.

  • A Senior Member now pays £7 for a Rover whilst a Child Member now pays £4.

Why don’t you become a member of the KWVRPS, and enjoy 3 days free travel each year, and new lower half-price fares at other times? Details on our website.

Disabled Carer’s Concession

Disabled Passengers continue to be eligible for concession fare. However, if it is necessary for a carer to accompany a disabled person on their visit, the carer can now benefit from getting free travel.
Please note: Proof of eligibility, such as a Local Authority Travel Pass bearing the +C or +1 logos may be required.

Other changes in 2017 include:

  • Some changes to intermediate single and return fares to make them more fairly priced for shorter journeys.
  • Local Resident Railcard holders will continue to enjoy half-price fares, however Senior / Concession Local Residents will now pay half of the normal Concession fare, and not half of the Local Adult fare. If you live in BD20, 21 or 22, why don’t you get a Local Resident’s Railcard and enjoy reduced prices throughout the year?
  • The eligibility for the Concession fare has increased to age 65, or those holding a Local Authority Bus Pass.

For details of all the fares, visit the Times & Fares page of the website.

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