Guest Loco Line Up for Autumn Steam Spectacular

Having earlier announced the first guest locomotive for the 2016 Autumn Steam Spectacular, SR Re-built Light Pacific 34053 ‘Sir Keith Park’, we are delighted to announce a second guest locomotive in the shape of Great Western Manor Class 4-6-0 7822 ‘Foxcote Manor’. After a number of setbacks in previous Galas, the KWVR is, at last, looking forward to putting on quite a show.

7822 ‘Foxcote Manor’

7822’s normal residency is on the Llangollen Railway in Central Wales and is the pride and joy of the Foxcote Manor Society to whom we are grateful for allowing us to showcase their locomotive over the 3 day Gala.

Locomotive No. 7822 “Foxcote Manor” is a Manor class locomotive, designed by Charles Collett of the Great Western Railway and built by British Railways at Swindon Works in 1950 to a design dating back to the late 1930s. These locomotives were designed with a relatively light axle loading to replace life expired types at work on the inclines of Wales.

Like many locomotives, at the end of steam, 7822 was sent to Woodham’s scrapyard in Barry, South Wales. However in 1972, like many of its stablemates at Barry, a Society was formed to save her for a future in British preservation.

34053 ‘Sir Keith Park’

34053 operates on the Severn Valley Railway in Shropshire and comes to the Railway courtesy of Southern Locomotives Ltd who own 7 locomotives, 5 of which, including 34053, are members of the SR Light Pacific, Battle of Britain and West Country classes of locomotive, both in original and re-built form.

These locomotives were introduced in 1945 by the Southern Railway to a design by Oliver Bulleid to a design that was light enough to operate almost anywhere on the Southern Railway. As built they incorporated the same novel features most noticeably chain-driven valve-gear, inside motion enclosed in an oil bath and ‘air-smoothed’ casing such as can be seen on 34092 ‘City of Wells’.

Following the conversion of the visually similar Merchant Navy locos, the decision was taken to rebuild the Battle of Britain and West Country classes into more conventional locomotives. The approaching demise of Southern steam saw the rebuilding program halted but not before 34053 had been converted to its more conventional outline. 34053’s end came in 1966, like 7822, being despatched to Woodham’s scrapyard.

Bought in 1979 by a private individual, it was not until 1984 that it left Barry and eventual ownership by Southern Locomotives Ltd. and subsequent restoration to working order.

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