Vintage Carriages Trust shed extension

Following the difficulties experienced with the original plans to extend the VCT building rearward, a secondary plan was proposed which will now see an extension of the track nearer to the railway sidings. Although the planned pit to work under the carriages is being lost, VCT have been able to arrange for the area either side of the track to be concreted to allow the use of the lacks to lift vehicles as required.

Enabling work to divert a gas pipe has been carried out and a telephone cable moved. A modification to the fire escape route for British Thornton, next door to VCT, has required a bridge to be built over Gingerbread Clough, to move this from the area being built on. The culvert which will allow Gingerbread Clough to pass under the new building will be upgraded as part of the construction as it runs under the sidings and behind the present building, and will be underneath the extension once built.

The foundations have been laid and the building structure commenced. This and the cladding should be completed by late summer. The fitting out will take time, but should be achieved within the two years planned.

The photographs provided by Paul Holroyd shows the work in progress during August.

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