Full Line Footplate Ride

Come along and experience the footplate, as you ride on board one of our magnificent steam locomotives hauling a passenger service through the beautiful Bronte countryside. Your experience will start at Haworth where you will commence on your two hour round trip. You will ride the footplate with our expert and highly experienced engine crews who will be happy to answer any questions you have.

You can invite up to three guests who will have free travel throughout out the day on our services and after your footplate experience you can all relax in our restaurant car and enjoy a complimentary cream tea.

Total cost for the day £150

Go to the KWVR website for more details >>>>


2 comments on “Full Line Footplate Ride

  1. As a child, in the 1960s, living near low moor engine shed. Grandad was a driver. On this day it was school holidays. Nana was looking after us. The house was next to the shed. Grandad on shed duties. Took us into the shed. Climbed aboard a loco, took it to the water tower, back into the shed. Onto name house..I,he always wanted to do that again. Relive that historic day….a dream.

    • Great memories, you couldn’t do that today with much tighter controls in place at railway depots. Our full line trips proved popular but operational difficulties meant we have had to withdraw them for the time being.

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