ex-LMS ‘Black 5’ 45212 Arrives Home

After a long and protracted restoration to mainline condition, ex-LMS Class 5MT 4-6-0 45212 has returned, albeit for a very limited period, to the KWVR for final painting and running-in prior to returning to Ian Riley’s at Bury for any remedial work and final preparation for returning to the mainline.


The locomotive and tender arrived on Wednesday afternoon and as these image show were manoeuvred, very skilfully, into Ingrow Yard where locomotive, tender, tractors and trailers remained overnight ready for their movement along the line to Haworth the following day.

With the assistance of diesels, Class 20 02 031 and Class 08 993, locomotive and tender were joined together for the journey along the branch to Haworth. In order for the lubrication system to function, 45212 had to be in light steam. With the boiler and tender arriving empty, water was needed and both were filled with help from the local fire brigade who were on hand to supply pumps from the mains water supply.

Once engine and tender were joined, the convoy of 20 031, 45212 and 08 993 made their way to Haworth. Thankfully photographers were on hand to record proceedings.

Details of 45212’s use in service will be published shortly.

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