Ingrow Bridge Restriction Removed

It is almost 12 months ago that weight restrictions were imposed on the Ingrow river bridge preventing locomotives leaving and arriving on the Railway, therefore disrupting plans for Galas and, in turn, preventing our locomotives visiting other railways. The situation was made worse during the Boxing Day flooding of Haworth Yard, when flood waters undermined the bridge outside Haworth Station so cutting off our only other route, albeit this “escape” could only be used by our smaller locomotives (In the photograph, USA 0-6-0T 30072, leaving for pastures new, is one of the last departures before the closure of the Haworth river bridge.) 30072-150924'1-SH

However, the Railway has received some excellent news from the Principal Engineer in the Highways Structures Unit at Bradford MDC. The Council have completed their assessment of Ingrow River Bridge (on the road just outside the station) and assessed its capacity as being ‘SV120’ – i.e. 120 tonnes gross vehicle weight.

As a result we are delighted to announce, with a great degree of relief, that “movement of heavy railway engines over Ingrow River Bridge may now resume.” The Railway would like to express thanks to all concerned for their perseverance and patience with this and are grateful to Bradford MDC’s engineers for bringing this to a successful conclusion.

In anticipation of the questions that will now be on everyone’s mind, we cannot, at this stage, advise on any dates for locomotive or rolling stock movements into or out of Ingrow and announcements will be made in due course when any movements are finalised.

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