Summer Employment Opportunities 2016

The Keighley and Worth Valley Railway will once again be operating intensively in Spring and Summer, starting from Monday 30th May until Friday 9th September. This operation requires a significant amount of staff and consequently, there will be a number of opportunities for Temporary Summer Employment during this period.

Ideally, applicants should be available for all or most of that period, but in any case for at least 6 continuous weeks. A core team will be required until 10th July when the Peak Service commences, with additional employees required on and after that date.

Duties will include, but are not limited to, Stations (Booking Office, Foreman, and Crossing Keepers), Buffets (including bar work), Sales, Steam Raisers and Track Walkers. (One would hope in warmer conditions than these taken in January)

For more details and application form, click HERE to visit our main website.

2 comments on “Summer Employment Opportunities 2016

  1. Well I could do the steam raisers job I make nice fire lighters just like we did at Goole loco depot in BR days we raised steam on Sunday nights at six o clock and with a WD 2-8-0 they get up steam in a hour half the Ivatt 3MT s thay took well over 3 hours the B1 61002 imparla she was 4 hours old Ron Fenton he show us how to make what he called fire lighter they were a lot bigger than the ones you got from the Shop , you only need six to get a good fire going we shoveled a bed of coal first then the fire lighter lit on the shovel we put them in the fire box nice a careful like and careful with some coal around the lighters and we soon had a good fire going 1 have even cleaned locos out and washed the boiler out too cleaned the tubes and smoke-box cleaned the fire box and tested boilers for leaks and done the machine work too , our locos at Goole were looked after and kept clean and smart to the day thay were all withdrawn and all had boiler tickets for the next 5 years a real Crime they were all scrapped very good locomotives they were like family were still grieving even now some 50 odd years after

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