2 comments on “Severe Flooding – No Trains Today, 26th December 2015

  1. Sorry we did not get any parcels or Christmas cards. I hope they have not been stolen.

    I should have gone to the family in Lancashire today, but we have had to cancel. The match is off and there are severe floods with the rivers at very high levels. My cousin can’t reach his sheep, so his daughter who lives a few miles away is sorting it. A few cars are floating around nearby. We have had two weeks of 24/7 heavy rain, apart from one day last week. There are no services at church tomorrow because both the church and the church hall are flooded by the river alongside. It has rained day and night over Christmas and the steam railway is not running because the next village at Howarth, has flooded by the river running next to my house. We could be next, because the river next to me is roaring over the tv and going higher. It is scary. They will lose all the Boxing Day revenue.

    Hope you had a good Christmas.

    Love Doreen xxx

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    • .You and your family seem to have had it rough, sorry to hear that. I hope the river subsided and did not flood your house. Thankfully the flood water dropped and we ran a steam passenger service from 12.30. Our volunteers did a great job.

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