2015 Autumn Steam Spectacular – Update

Due to unforeseen circumstances, it is with sadness that we are unable to welcome the planned visits of U Class 31806 and Rebuilt Battle Of Britain 34053 ‘Sir Keith Park’ to our Autumn Steam Gala. This is because of restrictions currently in place on road access to the Railway following difficulties with a previous move. We are working hard to source a visiting locomotive that can arrive by rail. The Railway will release further updates as soon as locomotive details and moves are confirmed.

We are grateful to all the efforts of the local authority to solve this problem with us, but it is unlikely to be in time for the October gala.

Locomotives from the Home fleet

• Taff Vale Railway O2 0-6-2T 85 returns to traffic
• BR Standard 4MT 4-6-0 75078 in fully lined out British Railways livery
• West Country Pacific 34092 ‘Wells’
• Midland 4F 0-6-0 43924
• WD 2-8-0 90733
• USATC S160 2-8-0 “Big Jim” No.5820
• LNWR ‘0-6-2’ Coal Tank 1054 – (Courtesy of Bahamas Loco society)
• Hudswell Clarke 0-6-0T 1704 Nunlow – (Courtesy of Bahamas Loco society)

Rolling Stock

Full BR corridor gangway set.
Full BR Maroon Suburban set (ex-Kings Cross) – unique to the KWVR
A Pullman style ‘Boat Train’ featuring our 1930s Pullman Cars ‘Ann’ & Mary’, plus coaches from the Vintage Carriages Trust
Demonstration Freight Trains

Trade Displays:

Groups from around the region will be displaying their varied layouts of different shapes and sizes.

Train Services:

The Railway will run intensively from 0830 most days into the early evening. Stations are gaslit during the evenings and give a night-time glow as your train rolls in.

Freight Trains:

A branch goods train will be in operation during the weekend and will be highlighted on the timetable for each day.

Express Trains:

Steam gala weekends offer a rare chance to fly through our intermediate stations at full speed of 25mph on our non-stop services.


To start your day, Oxenhope buffet is opening especially early and will be serving bacon and sausage butties to get you off to a fine start to the day. So fill up your tenders and replenish your tanks with a good hearty roll and a hot drink to make sure your long day gets off to a good start.

That should keep you going until lunchtime when you can top up your reserves with some good honest Yorkshire pie and peas, washed down by hot drink or something from the on-board bar where hand pulled real ale will served all day.

Arriving at Keighley or no time to wait at Oxenhope, you can fill up with the usual light snacks from the kiosk but also on Saturday and Sunday we’ll be serving the hot butties and pie and peas there as well.

Enthusiast Photo Events

Detail to be announced

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    • The organisers are looking at every possibility, but to arrange these things, which may look quite simple to you and I, take a lot of behind the scenes endeavour to bring them to a conclusion.

  1. That’s disappointing!

    Kind Regards Brian Steele

    *Admin Assistant* Keighley and Worth Valley Railway Ltd.

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