The Queensbury Lines

Priced at £11.95, Part 2 of KWVR guard, Martin Bairstow’s The Great Northern Railway in the West Riding, The Queensbury Lines is now in stock at all the KWVR Stations. With the connection at the Keighley end over Worth Valley metals, the line from Keighley to Halifax and Bradford holds much fascination for those with even a passing interest in the Railways of our area.

Read more about the book with examples of images it contains on the dedicated page on the website. Follow the link

4 comments on “The Queensbury Lines

  1. I’m very grateful that photographers J C W Halliday, Peter Sunderland, John Oxley and D J Mitchell were able to capture these high quality and interesting photos from 60 and more years ago and made them available for us to see. And thanks to Martin for putting it all together in this book.

    • The quality of a lot of the images is indeed excellent for their time. There must be 000s of photographs out there that will never see the light of day, it is therefore so good that that these have a public showing.

  2. I’ve already bought my copy and I highly recommend it. Seeing double headed passenger trains approaching Keighley is fascinating, especially as one photo shows an L&Y loco double heading a LMS Class 5, something that we can recreate! Similarly the N1 with a B1 can be fairly closely recreated with the N2 and B1 in active preservation.

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