Service Disruption Details 15th – 17th July 2015

Complete details are now to hand about the disruption to the Railway during filming this week.

Wednesday 15th July – Trains will be unable to run between Ingrow and Keighley. Steam / diesel locomotive trains will operate between Oxenhope and Ingrow with the steam locomotive on the south (uphill) end and the diesel at the downhill end . A vintage bus service will operate between Ingrow and Keighley stations with the timetabled Vintage Bus Tour also in operation. Normal steam train fares will apply, but all ticket holders will be able to gain free access to the Museum of Rail Travel at Ingrow station.

Thursday 16th and Friday 17th July – No steam train services will be able to operate. A special vintage bus service will operate along the full length of the line instead of the train. Due to limited road access for large vehicles at Oakworth and Damems stations, the vintage bus service will stop at Oxenhope, Haworth, Ingrow and Keighley stations only. Please note that Bicycles, Pushchairs and Perambulators that do not fold down cannot be conveyed on the vintage bus service. Special reduced fares will apply.
On the arrival at Haworth of the ‘bus services at 11.00, 12.35, 13.28 14.15 & 16.05 on 16th & 17th July, a Guided Tour of the Locomotive Shed and Workshops will be provided entirely free of charge as passengers will not otherwise be able to see much of the Railway’s fleet of steam locomotives on these two dates.   They will enable guests to see at close quarters the entire working fleet of KWVR steam and diesel locomotives accompanied by an experienced guide who will be delighted to show them round and answer any questions that they may have.
As usual, for reasons of safety young children, prams, pushchairs, wheelchairs and the like cannot be accommodated on these tours whilst adults are required to wear footwear that fully covers their feet, avoiding sandals or their like.  Guests on these tours need to be reasonably fit and active given the nature of the venue.

Museums, shops and buffets (except Keighley) will open as normal.

For full details of train services and replacement Vintage bus services, visit the main KWVR Website ⇒

2 comments on “Service Disruption Details 15th – 17th July 2015

  1. Morning.
    Just wondered what was being filmed at Keighley between 15th and 17th of July and will we see it on tv soon.

    • Unfortunately we are not allowed by the film company to publicise the title of the film nor are we permitted to show any images of the film being shot.
      However we can tell you that it is a major film production for cinema release and the Railway is proud that the KWVR was chosen for location shots involving railway scenes. We do not know the release date for the film but you can be assured that we will announce on the website nearer the release date.

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