Short Video of 2015 Winter Steam Gala

We have not featured a video from regular contributor Kenneth Baker for some time, but we put that right by featuring a sample video that gives the viewer a taste of the 2015 Winter Steam Gala at the end of February.

If you would like to see the full video presentation from Penny Steam, click HERE for Part 1 and HERE for Part 2 – in total over 70 minutes of passenger, double heading and freight steam action.

Coming soon, Worth Valley on Tour. Ken’s little dog, Penny, took him off to Llangollen to see 34092 ‘Wells’ and to the Severn Valley to see 90733 and 1054 on their vacation away from home metals. Images from many photographers who also attended and Ken’s take on proceedings will feature on the News site in the next few weeks.

2 comments on “Short Video of 2015 Winter Steam Gala

  1. Fantastic film, I normally don’t see much of steam events as I work in c & w most Saturdays, yes I see some engines but not all, a great film.

    • You need to ask Mr. Eastham to let you out more. Penny Steam regularly post videos with us, he does a great job. You may also want to look up the Gala post for more video footage from SAY Films

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