Photographic Opportunities for 2015 Winter Steam Gala

As with Gala events before, we are offering photographic events on both Friday Evening and Sunday Morning.

Friday Evening photo shoot

43924&90733-140306'1-IIEvening Goods/Parcels ‘up the line’. On the Friday evening we plan to run a small demonstration goods train using either MR 4F 43924 (LMS Black 5 45305 will not available). The night will start at Keighley where photographers will have approximately 20-25 minutes. The train will then travel to Ingrow, Haworth and Oxenhope, time permitting, with approximately 30 minutes at each station.
We hope to be able to marshall a demonstration Parcels train using our LMS 50ft Mail van, plus a selection of 12T box and Brake vans. If not, a ‘local branch goods will be used.
Places will be limited. £25 per person (non refundable).

Sunday Morning ‘Mini Charter’

43924&34092-140815'2A-RLOn Sunday morning a second charter will operate. We plan to use SR West Country 34092 “Wells” + BR Standard 4 75078 in a “Pines Express” theme with our rake of BR MK1 Maroon coaches. The train will have full use of the line for 1 hour before the service starts and the opportunity to use the main locations around Oakworth, Mythomes and ‘the mound’ will be taken. In the event of a loco failure, 43924 will substitute for either loco, still giving us the Somerset & Dorset theme.
Places will be limited. £25 per person (non refundable).

Booking details will follow shortly and will be taken on a ‘first come, first served’.

NB: Sunday Charter. Participants will need to be mobile, as this will include exiting from the train at lineside locations.
NB: BR Standard 4 75078 is returning to traffic at this event and will be sporting unlined BR Black and ‘cycling lion’ crest. This livery will be carried until the locomotive is run in.

Featured image: Steve Boreham. Photos: Top, Inspiring Images. Bottom, Robin Lush.

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