‘Sir Berkeley’ Takes The honours In VCT Celebration

As part of a year of celebrations, January 10th saw humble contractors locomotive ‘Sir Berkeley’ (built in 1891 by Manning Wardle of Leeds) in service with Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway Tri-composite carriage no 176 (built in 1876) and Southern Railway Brake Corridor Third no 3554 (built in July 1924 by the Metropolitan Carriage, Wagon & Finance Company for the Southern Railway). The Vintage Carriages Trust ran three Ingrow – Keighley specials to mark the arrival of these 2 coaches in 1965, the first passenger vehicles to arrive on the line.

As the photographs show the diminutive and venerable locomotive put up a fine performance surprising onlookers with a remarkable turn of speed on the climb out of Keighley. It was a rare appearance out on the ‘mainline for the four-wheeled MS&L carriage which is normally in the VCT museum at Ingrow and is only used for filming assignments and very special trains. No. 3554 sees occasional use on vintage and special trains throughout the year but was in regular use in the early years until a well earned retirement to the care of VCT preserved this unique vehicle for future generations.

Click the grid to see full size images.

To celebrate 50 years of the Vintage Carriage Trust, Penny Steam takes a tour round the Museum of Rail Travel and, in windy conditions, combines this with some fine action shots of the train’s progress along the line between Keighley and Ingrow West.


One comment on “‘Sir Berkeley’ Takes The honours In VCT Celebration

  1. It was bitterly cold but well worth it to see the little engine doing a magnificent job. I have put some pictures up on my blog at steammemories.blogspot.com. Many many congratulations to the Vintage carriage trust and long may they continue their excellent work. Please use the pictures as you wish, I make no copyright restrictions on any of my pictures on the blog. I just love sharing my love of steam with all.

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