KWVR brings Christmas cheer to Airedale Hospital

The featured image shows Society Director, David Petyt, delivering Christmas gifts, surplus to the Railway’s Santa Special season, to Gwendolyn Rowe, a Play Specialist at the Children’s Ward at Airedale Hospital. The Railway has had a hugely successful Santa season but when the last train has run on Christmas Eve, there are presents left over that need a new home and what better way is there, than to bring cheer to some of those children not spending Christmas in their own home.

Railway Chairman Dr Matthew Stroh said “ Both Santa and our volunteers on the Railway are delighted that some of the surplus toys can bring pleasure to children who find themselves in hospital over Christmas.”

The Railway is open everyday until January 4th with Steam hauled Mince Pie Specials.

One comment on “KWVR brings Christmas cheer to Airedale Hospital

  1. Congratulations on the Achievement Award. People should be aware that the Railway is largely ‘manned’ by volunteers who put time, effort and expertise into the continued successful running of this valuable local resource. Delivering surplus toys to Airedale Hospital a splendid gesture on your part too. Well done to all concerned.

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